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Is Thorn King and Underworld no longer a GGE event Mods and BM's

So are these two (2) no longer events or thing to do anymore in GGE?

My guess is yes as I cannot remember last time either was run.

Thanks for any answer that actually makes sense to us players.
Justinlegoboy @ usa 1


  • Really thought this question was a easy answer for any mod or BM or even players who got the answer maybe long ago.

    Only 2 possible answers really,

    Yes they are still active events but GGE does not run them often anymore


    No they have stopped these events.

    Justinlegoboy @ usa 1
  • bazzara (GB1)bazzara (GB1) GB1 Posts: 282
    no they have not been active for years now but blade coast still comes round
    the rumour is that the new event thats being done at the moment is based on something like them 
    hope that helps
  • Thanks and for answer and I thought so just wanted to make sure.   Saw someone post about them a few months back and did not get a straight answer I think.  

    Not holding my breath for the new event anytime soon anymore.   They put out the 2nd half of Sept and just the same old stuff.   Also there have been ZERO new what GGE call's teasers for a month now and not a peep on the "Event" it at all anywhere.  

    I see and hear about more players leaving on US1 and we lost another player who was a actual good weekly buyer last week.   Got about 6-8 friends left and does not take much time to say hello in chat and do minimum.     

    I think they could combine GB1 and US1 servers and still have room to spare for more players.....LoL
    Justinlegoboy @ usa 1
  • bazzara (GB1)bazzara (GB1) GB1 Posts: 282
    the main problem is they have done nothing to stop players leaving although they have been told all the reasons
    its why i mentioned the silver coins and short supply of tools again for events 
    but this last 6 months they have been more active than the last 3 years so there is hope still
    from what players say on different server/ countrys  
    there all saying the same as you 

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