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STFU Steve (eminem12 and his alt accounts and safe houses

JPS Kills (GB1)JPS Kills (GB1) GB1 Posts: 357
edited 17.06.2022 in War Updates
Well, after their disasterous war against dope legion in which they demanded 50% resources and got something else handed to them on a plate, they decided to declare on us. We are not war players of any kind, just simple event players who do their best to help others.

Well, we are into day 2 of the war, and we will be posting the battle reports (I know I will, including a nice little win for the MS comm. 152 losses against a defence of 8k mead.

Will post shortly. Oh, and yes, they are alt accounts that love to steal what isn't theirs, and nearly everyone on UK1 knows who he is; eminem12 along with his cohorts wreakhav0c and hawkred.
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  • JPS Kills (GB1)JPS Kills (GB1) GB1 Posts: 357

  • JPS Kills (GB1)JPS Kills (GB1) GB1 Posts: 357
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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,296
    I hate to do this but please put an end to this thread for the reasons listed below.

    II. Towards others

    1. Naming and Shaming

    A. Introduction

    I. It is not allowed to publicly discuss other players / alliances / cooperatives actions and behavior in the forum, this includes accusing other players / alliances / cooperatives of dishonest behavior

    II. such as cheating, hacking, alliance theft or similar things, and blaming them for certain things. If you really encountered a case of another player cheating, please contact support or our forum teams on this matter with evidences.

    III. (Empire and E4K) The naming of player names for the reporting of events in the game, in combat reports or in other in-game disputes is explicitly allowed. Publishing private messages is not allowed.

    B. Explanation on penalty points

    I. 0 point warning = For discussing another players / alliances / cooperatives actions openly in the forum (e.g. using it as an example) or criticising those actions whilst not being aware that it is forbidden.

    II. 2 point warning = For criticising another players / alliances / cooperatives behavior and actions openly in the forum knowing that this is forbidden.

    III. 3 point warning = For directly accusing other players / alliances / cooperatives of dishonest behavior.

  • JPS Kills (GB1)JPS Kills (GB1) GB1 Posts: 357
    You are just doing your job Poseidon. 

    Sorry about that. 

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