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Just a slow death of the game

Looking at the game these past few years and months it is very oblivious that the game is in a slow death spiral.  Of course if the 20% of players Poseidon X says do 50% of the cash flow up and left in great numbers quickly then it would become a fast death spiral.

It does not take a super smart player to see that GGE studio is just milking the game for all it can and doing the bare minimum to keep the remaining large spender (weather Whales or Multi's or Alt's) keeping the cash flowing as best they can.

The start for me looking back is when they did their BIG layoff 3 or 4 years ago.  That is about the last time they really did anything new event wise or land wise.  Since then all it has been is a few Outer's added with slight changes but nothing really new.  Do not even think about Green, Ice, Sand, or Fire.   They have had nothing added in years.

Yes the art department is busy at times making new deco's with slightly better PO but even they have slowed down of late.  Guess the spenders are just not buying them much anymore either.

So the game continues to get a smaller and smaller player base and I would say some of the 80% left of Poseidon's X post are not even doing 50% of the cash flow anymore.  I know I for one have done less as I am just watching and taking a long break.   Last few months I am down to about $4.99 US dollar a month which is one 200% bonus buy of rubies in outers.  Just enough to get me in the KL league for a few more sceats.

I have to agree 100% with BM Daisho's opinion that the game hit it's peak about 5 years ago and then slowly went south the next 5 years and now it is just on life support in my opinion.  

The Val troops was a good thought but again GGE Studio did not update or make a new event to showcase them and there usefulness.  Then they took over a year to fix the mead consumption bug that was or was not a issue depending on which server you were on.  

For me personally the game ends on line 4 of the level 6 HoL upgrades.   There is just no incentive to even think about trying to get 3500 sceats for even the level 7 keep which does actually very little.  It is the next lines and another 3500 or more to get anything really new and are just tools.

But even that for the spenders is so what, who you going to use the items on.  I know if I saw a 11 wave coming in with the new tools I would just open gates or move out troops and take the hit/fires, or just firecast the place.  Then the sender would just be upset as was a wasted trip again.   

So there you have it everyone, my take on GGE Studio's death and why.   Really it was just a lack of updating the game and getting greedy once they started to see the cash flow of events.  But that business model cannot last forever as most of us are just tired of Nomads for the 200th time and BC/FI for the 150th time.   
Justinlegoboy @ usa 1

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