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Thank you Mod Poseidon X and BM Daisho for the changes

Thanks to both of you and GGE of course for the recent changes as it has really nice having not to push doing events anymore.  Real Life is so much more fun then the game and I am saving money as just not worth even buying much anymore.  Not that I ever spent much but still every $4.99 counts now for something else I can get that is needed.

So I for one say well done!  You both I am sure worked some for getting these changes completed.  I know others have been able to quit the game also and get back to real life.    The money some players are also saving I am sure is nice to have for extra beer and chips or other stuff and is more enjoyable.

So keep up the good work and continue to push to improve the game as been done these last months.

Justinlegoboy @ usa 1


  • I have never spent much around £10 a month, but now I don't spend that on the game but have found I am spending more on books lol
  • BM_DaishoBM_Daisho Moderator Posts: 184
    edited 15.08.2021
    No problem 
  • I think my $4.99 works out to about 4 Euro's so if I bought 2x a month that was about your 10 you do Great Crumbs.

    I do not think GGE Studio will miss our 20 Euros a month.

    The Whales and Semi-Whales spend that in seconds I am sure each day or two.

    I am just waiting for GGE to take away the low rubie packages and start at say $29.99 for the lowest one you can get.

    Then of course will come the Google Ads on the LEFT side to equal out the current RIGHT side ads.   It will be sold to us players as a NEW exciting feature to make our screen centered.

    Justinlegoboy @ usa 1
  • BM_DaishoBM_Daisho Moderator Posts: 184
    don't get your hopes up ;)
  • BM_Daisho said:
    the same goes with player base :wink:

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