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  • I've noticed today on the event relic quests, that all of a sudden I've had 3 pre 200 shard reward items, which are very, very low level, never had that in one set of rewards, whats the odds!.
    Time to stop the risk / chances with them I think. I got 139k of shards, so yep, can see inflation setting in.  lol
    glad that glory task dosen't
  • Pisky (GB1)Pisky (GB1) GB1 Posts: 541
    If I was you I wouldn't hope for anything, you just won't get it.

    The game has become a game of, know your limitations, and stay within them. If you are after event rewrds/prizes look at your standings in the prize levels, and know when to stop as you wont reach them. In many cases the rewards and prizes are way out of date and just not worth the grind, effort, or costs, untill GGE update them, which they may never do!  FC's / Crows, not worth the grind for the rewards for Mr average, F2P player, I still say the algorithm is is wrong, and not even a true algorithm, as watching the castles respawning is showing repetative groups of numbers, rather than random, which is not how an algorithm works.

    Lastly I learnt on here that you have to read between the lines and statements, and look for what insn't being said, rather than what is, then! you may see through the mists and smoke. Just like the so called street hussler/magician.
  • John Titor (INT1)John Titor (INT1) INT1 Posts: 222
    New research, ugly as H**L, OMG. Why on earth needed to change this rather than trying to fix bugs.... Nobody asked change it???? It was just fine.

    You trying to chase more and more people out of this game??? Is that the real goal after all.

    Trolling and rolling since ....... who knows?

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