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Time to pack it in on the game and leave for 6+ months

Got hit by the Mead bug again last night and lost a ton of troops.  I check every night and was positive on food, Honey, and Mead.  Yet for some reason my brewery went to ZERO again.

Mod Posedion X says to contact support, I say why bother as just will happen again and GGE Studio seems in no rush to fix the bug causing it or even do a temp fix.  All they can do is remain silent.

So I am packing it in for a long time and will keep in contact with my on line friends in a few alliances during the months.  Even they are packing it in One or Two a week now it seems.

The way the game has gone is all on GGE Studio.  They introduce new stuff but real world testing I guess is limited and as long as the Semi Whales and Whales keep spending they are just in a "fix when we have time mode" it seems to most of us.

I actually could live with the MBS changes but when put with all the other stuff it is time to see if  GGE will do anything to fix this broken game.

They have had time to readjust the sceats rewards you can get, they have had time to fix the 2 or 3 main bugs (some a year old), they have had time to adjust rewards, yet you still win 250-280 deco's when they offer ones at 3200 now(Of course for real money).

They have had the time to adjust the Nomad and Sami shops items but guess that is low priority also.

To a lot of us it seems like as long as the spenders keep up a certain level of spending they will just milk them for as long as they can with GGE doing the LEAST THEY CAN to keep the spender ok/happy.

So thanks for the memories GGE up to the year 2018/2019.  After that you turned into a money grabber  machine and that all that seems to matter most.  The quality of the game is 2nd place or 3rd even after getting all the cash you can.  If you do not believe us players GGE just look at the maps, less and less active players and more and more alts on the few hanging on.   Some servers are better than others but most seem on a downward trend.


Justinlegoboy @ usa 1


  • Sleeper (INT1)Sleeper (INT1) INT1 Posts: 56
    Is it a bug, or is it meant to stop producing once it gets to max? I know my friend has the same problem. Once it stops producing mead, the amount of soon reduces significantly.
  • Yes it is a know bug on who it works.

    It has to do with how you do stuff and like send off for support or long trips, etc.

    What it needs to do is once you get to your max storage level it just does not give you anymore yet still produces at the level you set.

    Like the wood and stone storage.  Once you reach your max any you get just does not register.

    The mead production should be the same way.

    Justinlegoboy @ usa 1
  • Osiris (GB1)Osiris (GB1) GB1 Posts: 303
    I suspect it is a bug as for some it doesnt reset to zero it resets to the highest % where you still have a negative production

    But then again those people have different bugs.  Some major some minor.  "my bug" is that my nobility contest shows the wrong progression rewards all day, only giving the correct ones at the evening daily reset.  I don't always do nobbly contests - I don't need more stuff for the fusion forge for instance as none of my decos are upgradeable, so no point making an effort, whereas I do the ones for blacksmith coins. Except I don't always know when that is.  I'm always asking someone to tell me what they have.  BTW I do get the correct rewards regardless of what the tent is showing.

    Bugs - random, prolific, and hugely irritating.  About as irritating as a swarm of hybrid mosquito-wasps would be!
    Osiris @ en 1
  • *Hides what he thought a swarm of mosquito-wasps would be in a positive sense* erm...no comment...
    Blunderbusss @ en 1

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