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Blacksmith UPDATE



  • Fordy (AU1)Fordy (AU1) AU1 Posts: 299
    Its fewer players joining Storm so they don't need to spawn as many forts islands
  • Good points and agree with many BIGTtheMULLER.

    It would be nice to here a "Whales" point of view on what and why they continue to spend so much.

    I am sure you are right that most or at least a lot of real spenders have made new cheap accounts that can buy rubies very cheaply.  

    As for me, the little real US dollars I spend just got even smaller as I just do not see the point.  Not even worth trying alot of times to even try and keep up alittle bit.   

    Maybe if they did something truly new and interesting I may open up the wallet a bit but until then I will just chat with old friends and slog on with what little I can do for free or figure out.

    Also I made a mistake above on my original post as I found you can win a 3000PO already in that Wheel of U A.   So I guess look out 3500 and 4000 PO deco you will be coming soon...

    Makes you wonder why do they still award 200s and even 300s decos in events.   Just useless really...

    Good luck to all non or very very low spenders..   Enjoy the chat with friends for a few hours and then just move on to Real Life stuff.

    Justinlegoboy @ usa 1
  • Poseidon X AngelPoseidon X Angel Moderator Posts: 1,474
    There are multiple threads about this topic already, please do not create new ones. Just comment under the previous ones.
  • Damaden (US1)Damaden (US1) US1 Posts: 69
    "the complete removal of skips, tails, and chests" like what happened on GB1 and FR1. I saw that thread and how players went ballistic. Thanks for the additional color.

    Sleeper +1

    The fact that players are sitting on millions and in many cases tens of millions of khan tablets is a symptom of the arms race that GGS created in Kingdom League when they instituted "unlimited" chests, skips, and tails in the MB but did not institute any changes in the nomad shop.

    Plus, there was the knockon effect of nomad running constantly while samurai was AWOL for months at a time.

    So, please, please, please, explain how the players are at fault if they ran hours and hours of trains against nomads amassing 500k or more of khan tabs per event in a desperate effort just to place in the top 3 of KL?

    Also, GGS's characterization that event currencies are "massively inflated" is just FALSE, FALSE, FALSE! Players clearly would eventually run out of silver in their bids for the top 3. That is why players maxed out below 1M. To get above 1M, you either had to stockpile or purchase chests and skips.


    1. Updated the nomad and samurai shops similar to Luna's shop
    2. Alternated samurai with nomad
    3. Created another event in place of samurai since that one was so broken

    Rather, we get this HOT MESS that leaves GGS with egg on their face due to their complete inaction over the course of a year and pisses off every single player on every server, not just GB1 and FR1.

    Someone clearly needs to be fired at GGS, or there is more to the story that GGS is unwilling to reveal like lost revenue from players no longer purchasing tails or banners.
  • aaaa2 (US1)aaaa2 (US1) US1 Posts: 5
    That's it.  A day and a half left of Nomads and out of chests.  If GGE thinks I am paying 17 times what I paid yesterday to get a good Deco.  think again.  I can probably read a good book in a day and a half.  KMA/GGE
    aaaa2 @ usa 1
  • Pisky (GB1)Pisky (GB1) GB1 Posts: 496
    I recently had the mead attacks you mention, I knew straight away I had no chance to defend. Any defence I would have mounted would have cost real money/rubies, so was pointless. After 2 attacks my buildings were 100% damaged, with the threat of more to come, and any repairs being the slow way, resources. The fires/damage were left. Straight away moans, critism from the attackers on what I had done and why!.

    I'm sure they can see the logic, as I'm a F2P player, what other options would I have, but of course it's just their way of trying to ridicule me in front of the forum, to excuse what they did. Now we get this blacksmith downgrade, which of course its main impact is always going to be against F2P players and very low spenders. Yes there will be others that also spend more, but I thing that they are the ones that Stillfront are attempting to affect, but won't. Those that spend/buy cheap will always want more of the same, so if they accumulate more tokens and silver by using what they spend to win events and get higher prizes, then of course they will, its human nature, greed then more greed.

    I've now used up the 2 lower value Khan chests from the BS, as my section in KL is full of lvl 800's, and looks like spenders, and being 100-700k's adrift, there is no incentive to do more, especially when Stillfront are moaning about accumulating, and not spending tablets.So whats the incentive to log on and play, none. The only reason I get any accumulation of items is either because of nothing to spend them on that aplicable to me in the game, or lack of being able to use, such as Samuri tools, no Samuri, so no use for tools, equals, accumulations of said tools. Even then though, I don't see myself as having a huge amount of surplus silver, and still in fact limit to what I spend on, to what I need.

    I may be in the minority but most of the time being a F2P player I find that the amount in the B.Smith is normally sufficient for me to play the events over that time, which normally includes troops I may need for the FC/Crows should I play. If I have a decent run I will normally just about make it to the last day, and then run out of troops I can get in the B.Smith. So for me at least, I feel the B.Smith as it was, just about about leveled out per event, so I feel Stillfront should be looking at where the real issues are, and not impacting on the fodder, F2P players, unless of course that is the real intention, in all of this.
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,051
    In regards to 8 they have made videos and interviews again and again over the years and in the end it's been nothing but hot air e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfprZmmu8rg

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now
  • Well I must say this Master Blacksmith change has really slowed down the game for alot of players.

    Just not much for non and real lower buyers to do really once you use up your allotment of the old price chests and the medium priced ones.  

    Most that I talk to in game are just not going to get the 170 silver ones.   Just to much for what you get in return.

    So we are left with alot more free time to spend with family and outdoors stuff which is a good thing.
    I guess there is a positive in this GGE change.  No more sitting in front of a screen for hour after hour anymore needed.

    The KL bracket I am in has not changed at all in 2 days and the top buyers (1st and 2nd place) quit sending attacks once they saw that no one was going after them tablet wise.  Even they are stopping at 500K (the last reward also) at least in my KL bracket that is.  So not sure that is a win for GGE as now maybe they are spending a bit less as no need to do 1 or 2 million tablets.      
    Justinlegoboy @ usa 1
  • Hello
    We don't like to update the mourning sir, we want the old update You just want money, so what about the poor who can't pay? Is this fair to you? The game has become a waste of time since this update We want mourning back, the former Is there anyone here who agrees with me?

  • commando (US1)commando (US1) US1 Posts: 516
    i haven't done much in nomads.   got the camps to level 90 and left the khan alone  if GGE doesn't want me playing that event i don't have to.   used mud tools.    don't want to cheat and use  all those goodies we used to get from the blacksmith
    commando @ usa 1
  • Hello
    We don't like to update the mourning sir, we want the old update You just want money, so what about the poor who can't pay? Is this fair to you? The game has become a waste of time since this update We want mourning back, the former Is there anyone here who agrees with me?

    I also agree with you. we should at least wait for them to lower their price on the discount part or ruby.
  • I'm glad players are making it known how they feel about the Blacksmith change. 

    GGE, who exactly is stockpiling tools? And who exactly cares? If a player is stockpiling, then he or she isn't playing or they are playing strategically! The only tools players may have stockpiled are for the Samurai because we rarely see that event. Does anyone at GGE actually PLAY the game??  It takes thousands of tools to actually progress through any event. You just made the event uneventful. I played the nomads until I ran out of Kahn chests and can't buy anymore -- silver is gone. I bought a couple thousand royal Kahn chests, but those are gone too. Hmmm . . .  and I have always been a hard hitting player. I would have to use wooden tools or buy a package to play on, but my wallet is closed and I haven't made wooden tools for awhile.

    The price of 170 silver for 100 Kahn chests is unrealistic. Do you realize most players use 390 chests per hit? We are not winning enough silver or gold to accomplish this, and I'm not spending rubies for better chests when I can't win the regular ones (through silver). I think they were aptly priced before considering what they actually do. Let's be real; this is about money -- and you lost mine. 

    Someone mentioned X-box -- well I have a PS4 game I haven't played. Sounds real good right about now!

    My wallet is still closed.
    you are doing well. I have now reduced the game, which was 4 5 hours of my day, to 30 minutes.
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,529
    GGS: "massively inflated"

    Me: A MASSIVE kick in the teeth to f2p and minimal spenders

    I am getting a firmer foothold on how this change will impact f2p and minimal spenders, not just casual players.

    I have never been competitive in the Kingdom League when FI/BC was running because p2w is always gunning for glory in addition to a high rank in the KL.

    However, I was almost always able to compete in the KL when nom/sam was running. I guess because the rewards and nomad shop weren't that appealing to p2w. Whatever the reason, I didn't complain because it allowed me to rank up in the KL and win much needed gold and silver.

    When the MB rolled out unlimited chests a year ago, the only thing that really changed was the amount of trains I had to run in nom/sam to remain competitive, but since chests were reasonably priced for f2p, it wasn't a problem.

    Fast forward to today. There has been a big change in addition to the MB changes which together mean I will probably never be competitive in nomad or samurai again and will miss out on promotions in KL and all the silver and gold that comes with it. What am I talking about? Nom/sam rewards now include a 2500 PO deco at 175k points.

    Unless I sit out several (5, 10 who knows?) nom/sam events in order to stockpile boosters, I won't be able to reach that total. However, all the p2w in my league will go for it. Thus going forward it will be easy to see when looking at the KL rank who is p2w and f2p. All the p2w will be sitting north of 175k. All the f2p will be sitting south of 50k. That is exactly how my KL looks right now with nomad nearly over.

    Now, GGS will prolly look at that and say, "Well, you just need to open up your wallet. Problem solved :)"

    But, I have posted on this forum before why f2p is critical to the success of GGE and why GGS needs to make sure the balance between p2w and f2p is not too out of whack. Otherwise, f2p will flee, and with only p2w remaining, the game will spiral into oblivion.

    So, no matter which side of the fence you sit on, f2p or p2w, both are critical to a properly functioning game. Yet, while p2w can easily get what they want, f2p rarely have a voice.

    Now, it is not my mission to be a crusader for f2p, but this however is A MASSIVE kick in the teeth for f2p.

    So, I will be waiting for the follow up from GGS that says, "Due to the massive imbalance in the game created by the recent changes to the Master Blacksmith, we are returning to the previous prices for event boosters."
    don't put your money on it , but let's hope and not expect ;)
    flug @ nl 1
  • Dark mind (SKN1)Dark mind (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 57
    Just the fact that there exists a thread with the title: Will GGE survive? Should really concern GGE staff.

    The last months they have shown that they are not in sync with their customers at all.
    I feel more and more aggression against GGE on my server, and more and more players are taking a break
    from the game to see if they want to continue playing.  Me included, i just wan't waste any more money on this
    game before i feal i get something back. So i will rather spend the summer fishing than playing here..

    This can very well be my last post at this forum. 

    So to all you others who stay and fight i salute you. Keep up the good work. And to the mods
    i really hope you get the doomsday atmosphere over to GGE so they can understand how serious the
    situation is. It is also their jobs who are hanging in the balance here. They have to start taking their 
    customers seriously or they will lose them all....   
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,362
    Thank you for the feedback on this topic. I'll collate this today and provide it to the Studio.
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  • AlamuT  (TR1)AlamuT (TR1) TR1 Posts: 23
    edited 07.06.2021
    It's real rubbish. There must be someone inside the GGS who wants to sink it.
    There can be no other explanation for such a stupid update.
    Post edited by BM_Daisho on

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