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Declining Game

In lieu of https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/379503/dying-game

And inorder to make it more discussable, as "doesn't seem like a discussion worth having" is an interesting reason to change a thread, im going to propose this discussion of discussing the future of goodgame empire, 

And specifically server merging etc so talk about that and this is a legit discussion.

Back to og graph [source the other post @[email protected]"Kellan (US1)" ] 

I mean, normally games grow? I'm suprised pos believes this game had hit its peak time ago... Makes me wonder if GGE is aware and what they are working towards to leech the final few pennies out their players? Its time to start noticing patterns.

Or are they gonna try and bring it back? I do doubt this but..... What do i know - thats why there is this discussion.


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  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,484
    no no you are wrong , there is an extra server so this can't be right :smiley:

    flug @ nl 1
  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 707
    game is defo dying and will be on it's knees in next year or two. 
    especially with players leaving all the time , because GOODGAMEGREED 
    do not listen to the real players who enjoy the game.

    they listen to money and dodgy accounts. 

    you get ops taking by low level 20 shell accounts and the main 800 legend account buys the troops fills
    ops up and your op goes. why don't GOODGAMEGREED stop op taking like they stopped RV'S being taking 
    by these scum cheating multi proxy accounts. 

    your supposed to keep players playing not turn them away ggs :*B):)
  • All games have an initial peak. Literally why you can't play old call of duty games unless they were super popular. Lots of older games have low populations. and the last few years of that graph show a plateau. There literally isn't anything to talk about. A server merge will never happen. Why, do unintelligent people try to act like they are smart. When they don't even know what they are talking about. After all Call of Duty World At War lobbies a loaded.... wait it isn't and you can't start a game. The truth is this game found its, core players. Some of us won't leave until we're dead.

    Now that I said that this thread is dead. All facts all the time. Games don't grow they spike plateau with core players. Some people can't handle the time money and effort that have to go into the game. It can literally burn you out. 

    Find something worth talking about we're done here.

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  • Venom (AU1)Venom (AU1) AU1 Posts: 93
    Not an accurate indication. I haven't googled GoodGame Empire for ages. I type "e" and it will autosuggest a link for me. It is and will decline until it gets shut down. This isn't a game that is very modern anymore, 9 years ago the current game could bang, but people have moved on from these kinds of games. GGS will have a very hard uphill battle to keep the current player base besides growing it.
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    Well, all I had to say about this has already been said.
    Just one thing, don't copy closed threads again please.
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