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So tired of crappy FC/BC targets



  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,259
    With all the problems GGE have used in the past over changing things, I also have doubts on any such changes mentioned by Crom eg.. Bad luck inclusion, and on if it would even work
    I remember when that particular device was announced.  Supposedly if you get 10 castles in a row that are "bad" you would get a "good" one.  The problem is, there were no definitions on what a "bad" and "good" one was.  If I have some time later, I may try to find that post.

    But, odds are it isn't there anymore.  Certain posts have a way of disappearing................
    Crom mentioned this earlier today, something called a bad luck prevention system I believe.
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    edited 24.10.2020
    I was able to find what I was referring to.  I had copied / pasted from the in game splash page and posted it here on the Forum.  This was from section 1:

    1 Bloodcrows and Foreign Invaders

    Based on the feedback that players experienced some difficulties in getting Bloodcrow/Foreign Invader castles of a specific quality, we increased the number of troops in the castles. In hindsight, we became aware of this not being a noticeable change for our players. Therefore we have introduced a bad-luck protection for you. If you consistently get castles below a certain level in a row we will then trigger a better castle to replace what you have rolled. This will occur after a streak of ten bad castles.

    Again, the issue is:  What is that "certain level" that triggers it and what constitutes a "better castle"..........

    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,259
    I forwarded that the castles are too weak from a fun to play point of view.
    If they increase the amount of glory you get by 10 times they will most likely also increase the glory needed to finish the quest book by 10 times.

    I understand your concerns but be assured I have forwarded the complaints here without adding that bigger players find it easy to get a lot of glory due to their play style.
    I perhaps underestimated how easy or difficult this tactic is for others.

  • Mario 999 (ASIA1)Mario 999 (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 165
    If you think you lot are unlucky try the Asia server, most 500, biggest without dethrone 1700 biggest with dethrone 2600, that's the most you can get on the Asia server and that's hitting hundreds in one event and that's also over all the years playing it.

    Now that's rubbish.
  • Not to forget that every 6 or 7 bad glory events we get one or two that are good with 7,8,9k targets, thats not well organized, system should be different.
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,814
    edited 24.10.2020
    the only problem with bloodcrow is the name.

    should be killerpenguin event.;)

    flug @ nl 1
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    I perhaps underestimated how easy or difficult this tactic is for others.

    Takes guts to admit something like that.  Thank you.........
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • miriam (SKN1)miriam (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 43

    Really tired of these BC/FG castles. Would it be impossible to make progress in them? The more you attack them, the better they would become?
    wbr Miriam
    miriam @ skn 1
  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    TO: JYT(usa1)...The voice, and conscience GGE, and of all dismal players, according to the book of JYT

    I gather you are no supporter of your own constitution regarding freedom of speech, and information. As you have told me so the same applies to you, you don't have to read my posts, and you don't have to post pathetic comments. In fact I would even suggest that as you are so happy with the game you don't really need to check the forum at all, and you can slink back into your little shell, and slide away.
    I don't think any other comments are necessary so you just enjoy your little perfect game world.

    ?? I am...perplexed.
    I do not intend to silence game critics. If you can express your frustrations with the game, I can express my frustrations with you. I generally do not read what is posted on this forum, nor do I peruse it with frequency, as you may be able to tell from the timeliness of my reply. I also resent your implication that I think this is a Good Game. Certainly, it has many flaws, power creep and inflation being rather mismanaged I believe, but recent updates have done some to combat them. I do not mean that they are no longer issues, simply that something has been done about it.

    In my view, power creep and the event cycle has progressed to the point where both nomads and invasion are approximately the same event, except they reward different event currencies, and nomads have a set end pattern. Though perhaps comparing glory invasion to berimond invasion would be more apt.
    My mentality, then, is not frustration when I cannot find 8k invaders, but rather a pleasant surprise when I do--I am not panning for gold among muck, but mining ore and occasionally finding the pure metal. They're just nice bonuses.

    PS if you want my attention, please tag me @Druids (GB1)
    Discord: JYT#1574
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,368
    the only problem with bloodcrow is the name.

    should be killerpenguin event.;)

    I'll make the suggestion!
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  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    edited 26.10.2020
    I played a bit on Sunday, and am doing what I can today - back at work.

    So far 62 castles processed.

    #15 was 8k
    #35 was 5k
    I did not keep track of the 1200 - 1800 ones
    #61 was 3k

    Currently right at the 4M glory mark.

    As for INT3, there are only 3 players over the 50M mark at this point.

    On the other hand, in Berimond I am in 23rd place for the Lions with 146k+

    Splitting attention with work, BC, Beri and BtH will take a toll on your scores and your sanity........
    Post edited by Wasso (INT3) on
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,259
    I'm sure that GGE said that minimum castle would be 500+. This one at 480, is the 4th I've had this event under 500, and some worse as the majority of troops are attackers. If these are the norm, you are talking more than a grind, and I wonder how GGE expect to keep players attention and interests in an event where glory is the ultimate reason for playing it.

    100% spies give an accurate representation of how many troops are there, this does not.
  • Hands up (GB1)Hands up (GB1) GB1 Posts: 347

    Please stop complaining. If you are fed up of the game quit. If not play and don't complain.

  • Hands up (GB1)Hands up (GB1) GB1 Posts: 347
    edited 27.10.2020

    Did I say I was fed up?Did I say I have to post? Was I complaining? No. I was just asking that you stopping complaining.

  • Hands up (GB1)Hands up (GB1) GB1 Posts: 347
    edited 27.10.2020

    I think @Herveus (AU1) had a glory calculator. It shows the things that determine how much glory you get. @Druids (GB1)

  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,259
    Back to the subject of crows, fc's.

    Can anyone confirm how the attacking glory works, in relation to a formula, for different defence supporting troops. There must be something as glory varies depending on what troops are there. A lot of castles numbers are padded out by GGE using attacking troops, and of course Militia, which in a lot of cases are the troops added in many times just to make the numbers acceptable.
    I can.

    Every troop in the game has a certain glory value assigned to them.
    You take all the troops there are in the castle, multiple each by their respective value and add it all up.

    We will call this A.

    Then you take all the bonuses that give extra glory and add those up, apart from honor and alliance subscriptions.
    We call this B.

    You then get your total amount of glory by doing A * B * your glory bonus from your honor.
  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,259
    Thank you both.

    So the troops within those castles have a major effect on the glory figures, and again would explain why GGE pad them out with these really low level defenders and attacking troops.
    So another smokescreen.
    You are reaching, don't overthink everything.
    Keeps you from going insane.

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