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Rebalance Rubies, With Especial Regards to the Wishing Well

So the wishing well has been a building, just sitting outside our castles, with no purpose for most of us, for years. You don't even see pennies in ruby offers anymore! I have a suggestion on re-implementing this mechanic. First the coin sources. For low levels (10-50), make the top 30 reward for the seasonal nobility contests a lucky penny or two, and some rubies. Make the outright win something like a decoration, since it will be won by a ruby player, who don't really need more lucky pennies than the one or two from also being top 30. For level 60 and up, make these coins purchasable from the master blacksmith. Have up to 2 purchasable for 2500 gold pieces, and 1 purchasable for 4500 or 5000 gold pieces.


Remove the well entirely and give all players who have upgraded it a full refund in rubies, as well as giving 1500 rubies per penny to any players who still have some. Grant a new source of slow but reliable rubies to free to play and small time ruby buyers. This could be as simple as, for instance, making 500 rubies available for 1500 khan medals, so that they are tightly limited, and only purchasable at times.


Consider increasing the difficulty of Barbarian Fortresses, but increasing the ruby reward to 100. This makes it more balanced with Dragons and Desert Fortresses. Reduce the cooldown on Barbarian Fortresses to 12 hours, Desert Fortresses to 14 hours, and increase the Dragon cooldown to 18 hours.


Make auto equipment sale available to all players at a cost of 5k-7.5k rubies. This makes it hardish to get, but available to all players.

Potential edits pending.

BTW, the Toshnika account is abandoned, I am using an account called Toshnika8, and will not come back to toshnika ever.


  • What about sprinkling in rubies every so many rewards? Especially after level 70, I know that I'd like to get more rubies for upgrading my bakery. Getting silver and gold pieces is great, due to what can be bought with it, but it would be nice if other rewards came with those pieces, especially rubies since it's another form of currency. 
  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 827
    I would not mind the removal of the well in exchange for doubling the rubies looted from towers back to their original values. I miss seeing 33 rubies from a cultist tower lol
    I think 17 hours is a good amount of time for the cooldown on fortresses, it cycles the opening time in a very varied way, giving more players an opportunity to be online when it opens (at least in theory). 

    I am not very comfortable with including rubies as a purchase option in event tents, it makes me feel weird. Everybody is a cushy event player, and has been forgetting/neglecting their outer kingdoms a lot I feel, so increasing tower ruby loot would be a good way to motivate players to be more active there. 
    I get that there's no money in this for GGE so the point is pretty moot but fun to think
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  • 666 (GB1)666 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 15
    Making the auto-sale feature available for everyone would defeat the point of a player sub, and considering there's been people paying £15 a month to unlock this feature, to then allow it for 5k rubies would just completely undermine their purchase. I agree with removing the wishing well though, and compensating players who invested in it with rubies. 

    Not sure about changing the cooldown on fortresses either.. it'll just discourage players to spend and ultimately GGS is a business, it needs money to survive and continuously release new updates. I think if you just work hard enough to loot forts currently, you can achieve a decent amount of rubies anyway.

    They're sensible suggestions, that's just my opinion.
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