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Fast attack on desert fortress

1) Alliance's attack speed 100% + 50% attack speed (VIP level 10) .
2) Relic commander (90%) attack speed .
3) Phoenix commander (80% + Hero (21-40)% attack speed on NPC tagert ) = (100-120)%
4) Both commander give more than 110% wall and gate , therefor you can actually attack without tool.
5) Attack the center part defense (front) only , make sure commander's CY is above 80% for better result .
6) Use Renegade Sai Warrior (50 speed) melee to attack . .
With all of the above effect , your attack speed shall be between 18-20 min on target which is 400 distance away from your mc , and the result shall be 18-30 attackers killed if according to my battle's report . 
This method also can be use in ice kingdom .
No double this is not the fastest way but is the cheapest and easy way to get desert ruby .  
Hopefully this info will help you guys to get more ruby :smile:

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