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Rise of the Shapeshifters



  • Lady Iris (US1)Lady Iris (US1) US1 Posts: 24
    This new O/R....Extremely Disappointing!
    For every reason stated above, VERY Hard on the Eyes,
    Monoliths are unbeatable unless you BUY really good troops...
    Those few free rubies and coin at the beginning don't last THAT long.
    I don't throw away money on one week events.
    Thus, All someone like me can gain is 10K troops... no more Tokens...Way to go GGE!
    Just advertise the event as... For Wallet Warriors Only ...and be done with it already.
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,342
    Does anyone have any comments after the changes we introduced yesterday?
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  • i find this version better as i dont get on and see ive been hit 20times lol its improvement over old version 
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    edited 16.04.2020
    @Crom Cruach  Uhh, what changes?  I admittedly have only been playing casually and thus have not gotten my preparations done for my move but.....

    The horrendous hard on the eyes color scheme has not been changed.  This was the major complaint of many including me.

    The long slow buildup phase for coin players does not appear to have been addressed.  While it does not bother me, it does make many do nothing more than enter the event rather than actually participate or buy rubies.  I think you guys need to rethink this approach.  Not only for this scoring scheme, but all others as well.

    I would hope that the tag team attack leveling exploit has been fixed.

    Added in edit:
    Ah, I see the change.  Event as described is totally broken.  Another case of poor or rather I should say incompetent to non-existent quality control.  OK, so we start at lvl 2, drop to lvl 1 with two losses and lvl1 gets no end of event rewards.  Fine I'll go with that.  However, there is no attack token requirement despite what the 'rules' say, hence the above QA comment.  Does GGE not monitor an event as it runs?  Apparently not or you would know there's a problem since the leader is at attack level 475 or something like that.  Does vip lvl 10 and instantly sending out 500 attacks at once at new castles, where each victory over a lvl2 attack castle promotes you an attack level sound like a good thing to you?  Thanks, but no thanks to this version as it's a massive step back compared to the first version....

    Added in second edit:  So I finally carefully read the changes made post.  You guys intended this change?  Unbelievable.  Fire the developers since they're incompetent.  Fire the management too since they approved this abomination.  So you now have an event that a person can come in and literally buy their way to the top in the last minutes.  No skill, no strategy, just payolla.  Brilliant.  And you wonder why I don't spend a dime on this game. 
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