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Negan Vs Misc (Group)

Man see all these alliances say  (RIP Negan)  they appear to mass Negan, and claim to kill her, but to no prevail.  Wonder how weak these alliances are as have seen the defence reports from both Devils Empire stopping over 100's of poor mass attacks.  Then seen these Misc reports of stopping hits from this Negan.    How is it that this small alliance can hold a top alliance hostage for so long and still be the top player in US1 servor.    Makes you think that this group really is very weak in strength as no one can be that Lack of intelligence to take out a group of 7 vs 100.      Sorry just back to game and seen these chats and hit reports, amazed at how strong this Negan is to take on this top alliance,  or is it how simple and weak this top alliance truly is.    Makes you wonder..... 


  • Pretty sure if Misc REALLY wanted to it wouldn't be too difficult. Kon put up solo 1k horns on TUF at one point, so imagine what Misc alone could do. Not to mention, all the misc branches, PLUS Tu, asylum...

    The troop count is off the charts with that. 
  • Keenanxbox (US1)Keenanxbox (US1) US1 Posts: 567

    yea we just like to let them pretend they’re doing something i don’t know how many times we gotta whoop these players asses in various alliances and wars for them to get the message... D hall and talking shit on fake accounts on forum ain’t it sorry to break it to you guys do something in-game for once if redrick sent as many hits as he does annoying PMs and forum posts he would have single handedly crippled The Misc

  • Morentz (US1)Morentz (US1) US1 Posts: 631
    edited 05.02.2020
    The game has changed a lot recently, mainly for the detriment of everyone. Any player willing to keep wasting thousands of $$$, can just keep buying defence.

    You can buy Vet D on tap now, with all the offers that are constantly up. From the affluence tickets, to World Domination packs.

    Negan just keeps buying and buying. If you wanna sit on HOL D and spend thousands of $$$ a week, and call that winning....lol

    Last time we massed her with our FREE vet horrors from Outers Event rewards, she just bought a couple World Dom packs after we wiped some of her D. Of course you'll get good ratios with how easy it is to defend now with Relic Casts, and HOL D. The same way when she hits us back, she gets wiped out lol.

    Meanwhile, Redrick getting wiped daily, amr5 got wiped and birded, john poole got wiped and birded, etc.

  • Redrick (US1)Redrick (US1) US1 Posts: 5
    edited 06.02.2020
    Morentz (alt King) Its called fire/loot cast .. I Play when I want.. Not when someone Hits.. So U brag about wiping ME?? haha REALLY, 1 6 hr window U got my troops when yes I was suspended  for Being to Good Lookin hahaha. I have taken Out just Under 400k of Misc troops in 4 days.. Misc (Morentz/Wipes) lol wipes my coin troops I recruit at My Fire/ Loot casts and U claim to be wiping Redrick?? 6 Players and Misc cant do anything But get DESTROYED when they send Full Hits or.. haha Like Morry says.. they wipe a fire/ loot cast. U Get Nothing from Us and we take  100k + Minimum Misc troops Daily. who ever is winning the troop LOse ratios/ Troop Count is who Is winning..  that number is comically in our favor 10x over. Tess PM Us agian and we will listen to your peace request. This alliance will Never Go No Hit/ or have pacts that extend to PVP.. so dont waste time on that thought.. OUR alliance is the purist PVP alliance ON this server Hands DOWN. The server awaits Morrys/ alts cry/ spin.. 90% of Misc this does NOT pertain to u.. just the few/ alts in Misc that  continues the banishment/harassment/ stalking Of 1 member here.. Let it Go..  GB my Love hahaha
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  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12
    heres some more BR's enjoy!
  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12
    edited 06.02.2020

  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12

  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12

  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12

  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12

  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12

  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12

  • red.bird (US1)red.bird (US1) US1 Posts: 12

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