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Ruby offers in a box

Thank you GG. Now that the special offers are in one box and not in the middle off the screen is very good. Playing is much more better and if i want to check what offers are availible it is easier. Again thank you very much. :smile:
If you can do the same thing with event buttons on left side, that would be amazing. :smiley:


  • DAVIDUS (US1)DAVIDUS (US1) US1 Posts: 26
    So... the screen is clean and incentives to purchase (shopping cart) are now gone.  VERY Poor trade off.

    The missing incentives/shopping cart affiliated with ruby purchases should be restored immediately, in or out of a box.  I plan on spending no more real-world cash until the incentives to buy are returned. Troops are irrelevant, but time skips, fast travel, realm resources (no longer available anywhere), and event bonuses/tools were my incentive to continue spending real money on a virtual gaming board.

    What is even more shocking and disrespectful to players that have supported the game for 5 or more years, are the ridiculous new ruby prices for buying items that have now been shoveled over into message-box "specials" (cough-cough). I'm more than happy buying when there's a 150% bonus, but only when the offers met my needs. I could care less about troops. There used to be 9 selectable choices in 1 offer, 3 fixed boxes of three each based on amount purchased in another, and 1 big box of 9 items... all available at point of sale.  Now, NOTHING.  The max bonus I've been offered this week, for a ruby buy ONLY, is 120%.  These piddly ruby buy bonuses (which don't even pop-up any longer) are trivial given that ALL incentives to buy have been removed, and without a pop-up they can easily go by completely unnoticed. At the level I was buying ($29), I was getting 24 boxes of bonus materials from three simultaneous offers, 9 boxes of which were selectable...  two-three times a month.  In-game, those prices have been multiplied many times over. Well, I'm done.  I will just have to be very careful how I spend the rubies I have remaining.

    Without a doubt, this is the biggest money-grab (price-gauging) I've seen any gaming company throw into overnight action to their own detriment... I can't imagine this will do anything but drop sales dramatically.  Though I love the game, my cash is certainly no longer in the kitty of a company who would remove all purchase incentives and then raise prices in-game... shame on the greed and disrespect shown here.  Let get the shopping cart back, "in a box" or otherwise.
    DAVIDUS @ usa 1
  • ost3 (SKN1)ost3 (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 12
    GG,s greed has reached a new high point.

    my money stay in the pocket until the former offers are restored.

    wawe the black flags server-wide to show your protest.

  • Malzahar (US1)Malzahar (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    I thought that their greed manifested in making you god by spending, i think they have done the opposite by lowering the amount of bonus content being purchased. Also (as a free to play player) i did not notice any difference, the deals are still overwhelmingly op.
  • Jewel88 (US1)Jewel88 (US1) US1 Posts: 99
    If you never bought, you would never know what exactly they took away and the huge price increase. And no - buying does not make anyone a "god" in this game. I guess it may look like that to a level 20 player. Advantages, yes, but the rubies and tools go just as fast as the event being played. So the pop-ups are gone! Yes!  Thank you GGE. That is good because it's just irritating to be reminded that none of the offers are worth the effort to even look at. I'll wait to see if they come back, if not, I'm done spending on this game. I usually bought during the nomad events, but oh well. I haven't been playing as much either because . . . 

    my wallet is still closed!
  • aAlexe (US1)aAlexe (US1) US1 Posts: 308
    i actually check the offers a lot, and i don't even buy rubies. before the change, i would instantly press x on the offers.

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