Offer Changes and the migration to the shop

Lords and Ladies,

As we have had a few questions about our offers changing we felt that it was high time to address them! You will have noticed that we have removed the Chest Offers and changed the contents of some of our packages. A lot of what was in the Chest Offers is available now in our shop. We have moved these to streamline our delivery of offers to you the player. Over time we will be increasing the variety and volume of offers in our webshop. 

During this move we have also separated the way we deliver packages. Now you will receive either rubies via the ruby shop or items via the items shop rather than both. We did this so that a player can more easily get what they want without having to buy items or rubies that they are not interested in. 

This change on offers will stay for the time being, but please feel free to provide us with feedback on these changes via our communication channels.


Your Empire Team

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