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Master Summoner what are the attributes

Bill Dawson (US1)Bill Dawson (US1) US1 Posts: 56
edited 10.01.2020 in Players ask Players
A good player told me to hit shapeshifters every day to get tokens so I can get a Master Summoner commander. I have not seen a description of the attributes of this commander. Does anyone have a link to that? Or can you share those with me?

I can't add them up myself because I can't find him listed. I only see the Apprentice Summoner offered in the Shapeshifter store. Does anyone know where to find the Master Summoner?

Thanks in advance for you help. 

And one other question: Is this commander really better than the Relic commanders one can get as a legendary player? Those seem pretty strong. 


  • Kyriakos (GB1)Kyriakos (GB1) GB1 Posts: 143
    Better than Legendary equipment, and currently the best Unique equipment set. Can't stand up to a strong relic though.

    ~~ Kyriakos

    War Marshall at Odin's Fury

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