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Set sail with us Beyond the Horizon

Crom CruachCrom Cruach Posts: 908Community Manager
edited 03.12.2019 in Update Announcements

Ahoi there! A fine strong fellow such as you is wasted on dry land. Do you want some adventure, a deed that your grandchildren will speak of with pride? Come aboard the Shearwater and sail with us Beyond the Horizon to the Tangled Wilderness.

Today the fantastic Beyond the Horizon event will start again. Make sure to get yourself organised and ready to take part. If you don’t remember exactly how the event is organised make sure to check your forum for a detailed guide.

Time and Tide wait for no man so set your sails, weigh your anchors and prepare for Beyond the Horizon!

Welcome aboard,

Cap’n Drake

We are implementing some individual rankings in the event and some achievements in this iteration of Beyond the Horizon. The achievements are both for alliances and individuals, so you will be able to see directly how you have contributed to your alliance in comparison to the other members and how well your alliance is doing in certain categories compared to others. We will also introduce a third premium castle that you can purchase at the beginning of the event. This fantastic level seventy castle is fully upgraded right from the start allowing you to focus on gaining influence and trying to hold it from the word go!
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