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Snow Wolves

Hi. This is the intro to my alliance.  We are on the uk server. Regards, Alan.


  • Alan D (GB1)Alan D (GB1) Posts: 14GB1
    Leader: Alan D
    Activity Policy:  A couple days a week is okay.
    Donations: Donate whenever you can.
    Where on the map: Move as close to Alan D as possible. Ideal distance would be within 0 - 75 clicks/distance.
    Diplomacy:  We do not declare war for no reason and adhere to Fair Play rules.
    ++ Coat of Arms: Must have a White background with a Red emblem. ++
    We can currently hold up 19 members.
    Material and tactical support is guaranteed.
    No time wasters or trouble makers please.
    New to the game, present day or returning player you will fit in here.

    ++ R u n  W i t h  t h e  P a c k ++
  • Alan D (GB1)Alan D (GB1) Posts: 14GB1
    We now have 21 memberships of which 13 are taken.
  • so I have strong alliance 

  • Alan D (GB1)Alan D (GB1) Posts: 14GB1
    Our membership has been increased to 23, of which 18 have been taken.  We are an Event focused alliance.
  • our is full and mostly event playing and little player attacks

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