Beyond the Horizon - Feedback

Please post any questions/feedback here in regard to the upcoming Beyond the Horizon Event!

You can find information about the event HERE.

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  • sudguy (US1)sudguy (US1) Posts: 1US1
    What time does the event begin?
  • reblousou (GB1)reblousou (GB1) Posts: 147GB1
     I like the idea of the event and the concept of splitting up larger alliances into four smaller ones is a nice way to try and balance things there..... although it is likely that with a little planning that will just mean the larger alliances work their four event alliances as a team to strip the smaller ones..... but can you confirm the way I understood it from the video, the best strategy would be to have your first "event jumper" as someone that is skilled at defending as they'll need to protect the main alliance asset. Does that mean that if say an alliances most novice player accidently jumps in before the other more experienced members of your alliance they will be stuck with the novice in the position of having to defend an alliance asset and therefore being largely responsible for the success or failure of their own "home" alliance in the event..... I saw you advise that the first jumper should maybe be the leaders of the "home" alliances but that may not always be doable for that person...… we've all seen our eager and less experienced players jump in feet first for some fun without realising it may be a problem..... so why cant it be that the leader of the event alliance or cap holder is selected within the event once members have jumped in ….. giving the opportunity for all alliances to have the chance to have the more experienced players holding the caps... 
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  • Osiris (GB1)Osiris (GB1) Posts: 256GB1
    lol an alliance event for the top 20 alliances - what a joke - we are struggling to recruit and hold members - another nail in the coffin !
    I can't see anything that confines this event to the top 20 alliances, only that any one alliance can have a max of three event clans, with a max of 20 members each. The walk-through says the last five in a 65 strong alliance won't be able to join in but the main body of notes says they will join a mini group of five so that needs some clarification for the benefit of full alliances.  It might have made a bit more sense for GGE to call the event groups Clans rather than Alliances as that really could spark confusion

    There's a lot that is still not clear - as you might expect - but I suppose things will fall into place once the event begins, whenever that is.

    Is this going to run concurrently with existing events? How long will it last? What are the rewards/benefits?  Not more horseshoes I hope!
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  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,869AU1
    Concept sounds good gotta see exceuction tho

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  • Here we go again asking for Feedback on something nobody has a scooby do of what actually this event is all about but as always King Eric will decree will happen even if negative feedback :)

    Teaser videos in last few days and now a  thread only just started in forum and basic questions already needing an answer ?

    Maybe suggest Our Great King Eric gets the court jester scribes to return from the tavern and get to work :)

    Not holding my breath but will my nose as I fear more Balderdash B--- Sh-- coming our way :)
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  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) Posts: 2,713GB1
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    So if i understood everything correctly, this event is basically like storm islands but without the ship building, limited amount of islands and you now have an extra alliance city to worry about. 

    You spawn in the event with your alliance members. Capture those cities to gain influence. If you manage to hold the city for long enough you'll win that influence, you'll have to protect this influence until the end of the day where it is transferred to your alliance capital. Then you'll just have to continue accumulating more and more influence for your alliance, filling up the capital. Then at the end of the event, the alliance will win rewards based on how much influence it managed to accumulate and successfully protect during the whole event, yes? or did i miss something?

    Honestly, i am already very concerned just from reading about the event despite the fact that this event alone is probably the most creative thing we've seen come out of GGS in a long time.

    How will the game balance ruby vs non-ruby players? If this event will become just like outer realms, then ruby players will be able to wreak havoc on this map causing a headache for everyone else. Sure, you are now not alone in this event, you have your alliance members, but not all players are willing to invest large amounts of money into events like this.

    Meaning that this event will become a feast for players who have the motivation and funds to make investments here, meaning that there will be a small number of players who will hold some massive power and influence to change the map and the outcome of the event to their own liking. Not that this doesn't already exist in the game with it's currently already running events, but i'd like to see some restrictions here for what ruby purchases will be able to grant you for advantages. Otherwise this event will just become an another ruby spending war, discouraging everyone else from participating. 

    How will the game motivate event players and alliances to participate? Beyond the Horizon is basically a full fledged pvp event. With pvp becoming increasingly unpopular and frown upon in GGE you can expect that there will be a very large percentage of players and alliances refusing to participate just due to the fact that the event is about pvp. What will GGS do to change this and motivate players into stepping outside of their comfort zone? Yes, this event is optional, if you don't like pvp then you can simply opt out of the event. But i still think that it's very unfortunate to leave these players out, it's not a small number after all that we're speaking of here, it's easily more than half the playerbase. 

    How will the game educate players regarding how the event works and how to play it? There seems to be a trend where GGS introduces new events and features that people have a hard time understanding despite the explainations and facts that are available to be found. I would like that there was some sort of tutorial that you'd have to go through at the beginning of the event when joining it, explaining for first time players what everything is and how everything works.

    Throwing players directly into the battlefield providing little to no explainations, like how they did with outer realms is not the way to go in terms of giving players a good start.  

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

  • Looks great and like the art really. Concept and system on first view is promising, sounds interesting and will just wait for it to start to see how it will work in general. 
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) Posts: 2,063INT3
    So, just to confirm:  The "Beyond the Horizon" Event is the same as the "Shearwater's Captain" Teaser.

    Didn't see anywhere the connection being made, other than the Man with the Monkey...……….
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  • sarah1 (INT2)sarah1 (INT2) Posts: 123INT2

    Do we have an a starting castle?

    Do we have to move troops over?

    Do we use our own def tools or is there a standard amount of troops in thr castle and the ally city?

    What are the rewards?

    Will hitting the npc castles there give any advantage for the ranking or unlock extra rewards?

    Will it start at 10 am or 12 am? Or will it be late as usuall again

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  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 755US1
    Obviously the connection between the teasers and this new event involves taking some mind altering drugs in order to have a chance to see it.

    Now for some questions:

    1)Is this like the OR where everyone starts at the same level with the same two castles(free/premium) or do our main accounts get copied in some form?

    2)What if your alliance has less than 20 members?  Can you partner with another alliance to fill one event alliance?

    3)Can you switch alliances once there?

    4)Are you going to have the same BS point collection/banking time that doesn't change but highly advantages people who play on CET time because the collection/banking time is at the end of the prime playing time there?

    My prediction:  Low participation due to lousy teasers, lack of information and poor GGE track record.

  • Will this be a cross-server event like outer realms?

  • Hi All
    Again a new event and gives so many questions
    - Will it be in green map or it will be as outer realms event?
    - Will we use our troops , castellans , commanders from main account or you will provide them to us?
    - Will we use our defend tools ?
    - How long this event will last?
    - What the rewards will be for each player or the alliance ?
    - How will the castle will be ? Will we have options as storm or berimond?
    Please make clear how this event is going to work so all we have time to prepare our players
  • ...
  • What we have here is a failure to communicate.
    civil war anyone

  • Unfortunately even the scant information being released by GGE is misleading.  In the game introduction video (the what is happening item) it state four event alliances (3 20 man event alliances and 1 5 man event alliances assuming a 65 member alliance)  But the information released in the forums states 3 -20 man event alliances and the remaining 5 players can not participate.  It would be nice if the information as poor as it is would at least be the consistent

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  • TONIEK (GR1)TONIEK (GR1) Posts: 11GR1
     so... you asked for discussion over an event starting just a day after.... it's been 6 hours without any interest in giving some answers... sleep tight GGE... good night.
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  • Thanatos (RO1)Thanatos (RO1) Posts: 246RO1
    Can we participate in this event if we have the protection mode on?
    GGS should monitor the power balance on every server in order to maximize its revenue.
    If a competent person would do that the result could be a win-win situation.
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  • It would be nice to know how long the event is and the rewards!
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