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Daily Duty - STILL messed up

@Crom Cruach 
Just how long does it take to fix the reset issue in the Outer Realms?  This has been a problem from the FIRST event.

I completed all the tasks yesterday 2  hours before collection time.  I go in to do them again today, and they have NOT RESET.

So, I will miss a day's worth of Duty Points...……...
Good night.
Sleep well.
I'll most likely kill you in the morning.


  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 950
    I can answer you Wasso:  It will take many more months, if not years to fix this 'complicated' bug since it shafts the players and not GGE.

    Just like it's FAIR for all the players around the world that the points are collected every time(OR run after OR run) right after the prime playing time in Germany is over.  It's bad enough that it's in the middle of the afternoon for me, but 6am in places like Japan/china/indonesia has got to be horrible.  HELLO the world does not run on CET GGE.  It's long past time for a clue to be gotten by GGE.
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