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September Update and Announcements 2019

BM Neroxnex BM Neroxnex Posts: 804
Brave lords and ladies,
We are going to have a short update tomorrow which is expected to happen between 08:00 - 11:00 CEST!
This short update is aimed at fixing some bugs, such as the bug that was preventing you from equipping a gem into temporary items.
There will be a downtime of ~30 Minutes. Food and boosters will be frozen as usual!
We thank you very much for your patience during our downtime.
Best Regards,
Your Empire Family Team
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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,342
    Dear Lords and Ladies

    We will have a server maintenance today between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST in order to implement some necessary technical updates which will focus on the server performance only. This has to be done in order to prepare our servers for upcoming content implementations and will result in a downtime of approximately 20-60 minutes

    We are unable to predict the exact moment when the downtime will occur on each respective server as the maintenance will happen sequentially on each. But once again: the time frame where this should happen is between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST

    Food and boosters will be frozen as usual and we will, of course, inform you about any changes to the aforementioned plan to you here. 

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family Team
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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,342

    Brave Warriors,

    We had a short update today just to make a very small number of tweaks to the game. The most important is the introduction of a new place where you will be able to find some exciting new offers. 

    Check out the Empire Shop button, where the new offers are located!

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  • WylkaWylka Community Manager Posts: 1,091
    Dear Lords and Ladies,

    We will be updating Empire: Four Kingdoms shortly. The process will start between 9:25 - 11:30 CEST.
    We expect a short downtime within that window. Thank you for your patience while we update your game.


    Your Empire Family
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,342

    The full potential of the cosmos has been unlocked! 

    The Old Man - the supreme master of invention, alchemy, and science - has unlocked yet another advancement for the most famous of his creations: the Relics!

    The subjects of King Eric’s realms, as well as his most trusted Commanders and their armies, were able to rely on the effectiveness of the Relic Equipment, even though this newly found power absorbed but a fraction of the energy of the three stars called in the Realms the Hunter’s Belt. However, due to the unwavering efforts of the Old Man, the cosmic power of the Seven Sisters has now been successfully imbued into the relic equipment. 

     The Lords and Ladies of these proud lands will now be able to differentiate their precious Relic Equipment’s powers by the quality of stars it possesses. One might ask himself the almost heretical question “How does this sorcery work though?”. The answer to this is a very simple one, which the Old Man provided was kind enough to provide us with:

    “Listen closely, young one: The quality of star power will be determined by their appearance, starting with the lowliest, a plain blue star, which will be eclipsed by a shining silver star. This in turn will be replaced the very pinnacle of star’s power and will be shown as a golden star! The number of stars will also have a significant impact on how strong this piece is, but you already know that from the previous version of my precious relic equipment, don’t you!” 

    “But where will these stars be shown”, we hear you ask. Well, praise is due to the everlasting wisdom of the Old Man:

    “Ohohoho, that is a good question! The answer to this might sound confusing at first: That depends!
    When you’re referring to undefined relic equipment, then this shall be shown to you under the depicted equipment category, my young child.”

    “But when it comes to more distinct and defined relic equipment, well then it shall be visible to you next to the description of the equipment pieces effects themselves. But once again, you already knew that from my previous version of the relic equipment star powers, didn’t you!”

     As word reaches us from the royal court this very moment, it seems that King Eric has proclaimed that these changes shall be applied to relic equipment which his loyal subjects obtain on both their epic quests, as well as in the form of general rewards.

    Summary of the Relic Equipment adjustments: 

    • Star Rating of Relic Equipment will receive additional visual indicators for their power/quality

      • the blue stars will be indicators for lowest power/quality

        • 1 x blue star (lowest rating)

        • 2 x blue star 

        • 3 x blue star 

      • the silver stars will be indicators for medium power/quality

        • 1 x silver star, 2 x blue star 

        • 2 x silver star, 1 x blue star 

        • 3 x silver star 

      • the gold stars will be indicators for highest power/quality

        • 3 x gold star (highest rating)

    • Undefined relic equipment will show you these indicators/new star ratings under the depicted equipment category

    • Defined relic equipment will show you these indicators/new star ratings next to the effect description (similar to the previous star rating version with only blue stars).

    • These adjustments will be applied to both quest rewards and general rewards

    Where Thunder and Lightning Dance with the Waves

    The Logbook of the late Captain Silvain Longuéjonne and its contents, have of late risen to prominence in all of King Eric’s Realms, due to some recent… shall we say precarious developments in the colonies on the Storm Islands. 

    As Captain Longuéjonne fittingly put it, the Storms Islands have always been a place “...where thunder and lightning dance with waves”. His logbook is the only thing left of his sojourn among the islands and it paints a most terrifying picture of what to expect when venturing into the deadly tempests of the Storm Islands. Reports are returning now that the Everstorm the greatest of the tempests that hails the end of the season of exploration in this kingdom has gained in strength and its terrible fury has claimed the lives of those not fast enough to depart..

    The ocean itself arose in a wrathful swell, as dozens of actinic bolts pierced the sky and it seemed like their effort was unified and had only one goal: to smash the ships of those upon the waves and tear down the vain efforts of our brave warriors and commanders, since all units and tools in the Storm Islands which weren’t relocated to the main island castle at the end of the event, will be lost forever beneath the waves! This - according to Captain Longuéjonne’s journal - also applies to all units and tools which are still on their way to the main castle. If they can’t reach the safety of the main island's castle before the storm hits, then they’ll be resting at the bottom of the great ocean, victims of the ravenous Everstorm!

    It would pay the wise to heed the words of the Captain’s logbook on their next adventure to the Storm Islands… if you want to make it back home that is! 

    Summary of the Storm Islands changes: 

    • Storm Islands will still be reset at the end of the event. yet with a twist:

      • Tools and troops which are located in the main island castle will be sent back to the main castle of the Green Kingdom (as it was before)

      • All other tools and troops in the Storm Islands (outside of the main island castle) will be wiped away and lost forever! (assure sending them back to the castle before the event ends)

        • This does also apply to tools and troops which are on their way to the main island castle (meaning: if they won’t reach the main island castle before the end of the event, then they’ll be lost too)!

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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,342
    edited 24.09.2019
    Due to a bug where gems were not slottable into the Sand of the Endtime and the Demon Scepter we have decided to remove them from the game until a fix is in place. These have already been taken from the shop and will no longer be purchasable. For those players that have bought them, we will be refunding you, we are currently calculating eligible players from between yesterdays update and today. These players should be automatically refunded this week. We are unable to provide a more accurate time frame at the moment as we are still calculating the number of players affected across all servers.

    Those of you that purchased these items outside of the time frame mentioned above, i.e. before yesterdays update, will have to contact Customer Support directly. Also it is important to note that if you bought the items with currencies other than rubies you will also need to contact customer support as we are unable to include all currencies within the confines of an automatic reimbursement.  
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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,342
    Due to some extra testing on bug fixes we have decided to delay the update by about an hour. We expect the downtime to occur between 11:30 and 14:30 CEST.
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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,342
    edited 27.09.2019
    Dear Lord and Ladies,
    We are aware that hawkers throughout the Empire have been making some new offers over the last few hours without properly displaying their wares! We are having a stern talk to them right now and the Merchants Guild has assured us the the problem will be solved very soon.
    • Some offers are not being displayed fully in the game at the moment and we are working on fixing them. 
    • Players using Flash are unable to log in if they have bought any of the newly offered decorations.
    Your Empire Family
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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,342
    Brave Warriors,
    We have fixed the issues earlier and you can now continue playing. We advise refreshing the game in your browser using F5 first however.


    Your Empire Family
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