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Idea to modify the Storm Islands


I think a lot of people think that there are lots of problem with the Storm Islands event and the monthly resets. The rewards for the event are very outdated and there are not many things that encourage players to go to the islands. The GGS does not deal with this, although only some modifications would be needed. I describe how I imagined this, what would be ideal for players.

I would leave the purpose of the event in its current state: aquamarine looting, building cargo ships and collecting storm-points. I would give rewards similar as at nomads/foreigns, etc.: individual and alliance rewards after certain scores and top positions and I would replacing current rewards with more valuable rewards.
I would split the storm-island constructions into two parts (with separate building areas). I would make the castle a permanent kingdom and I would make the building items usable and the castles that were built would not be deleted at the end of every month. We would be built cargo ships on an area outside the castle (not on the castle as now), for example on the sea (harbor, or as we like). It would be another building area next to our castle with a separate construction site. Here we would able to build the cargo ships, and this section would be destroyed at the end of each month and start scoring again the following month. (This is a bit more realistic because it is really strange to have to build the ships in a castle now :D )
For a fairer game, it would be a good decision if the position of the castles or the position of the islands and storm fortresses were randomly changed every month so that someone who was in an unfortunate position would not be there forever.
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  • what is the the purpose of building cargo ships in storm islands..what are the use of aquamarine except for buying stuffs available in the islands?????
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) Posts: 1,827INT3
    what is the the purpose of building cargo ships in storm islands..what are the use of aquamarine except for buying stuffs available in the islands?????
    It is conceptual only.  The ships represent the ability to bring the aquamarine back during the moonstorm.  Any NOT used to build ships gets washed away.  The totals earn the rewards and/or ability to award the Storm Titles.

    That is all...…….
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  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) Posts: 2,215ASIA1
    They're fully aware - it's just a low priority event at the moment and has no plans on being updated at this very moment. 

    Sad reality of the event :( 
    Please update the Kingdom League event to a real 'ranked' event. The current event is very bad, and very unfair - I am not being placed with players on similar skill level by any means, I have dominated the last 8 out of 12 days by over 500% compared to other players, the remaining 4 a player dominated me by over 500%.

    I am writing this in my signature to avoid cluttering the forums, but having the message everywhere. 
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