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Complexity and bad game design in GGE

Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,713
Why is it that the game continues to increase in complexity and difficulty of understanding?
Every update nowadays always introduces new features which has all these extra steps to them that we don't need. In this case the added complexity only adds more annoyance and frustration to the game.

I get the idea that the developers wants to add new things to the game to make the game feel "fresh" or "enhanced". But there are other ways to do exactly this that doesn't involve the idea of creating something brand new everytime. Redesigining old and already existing game assets can make the game feel as "fresh" and "enhanced" as brand new original assets can, subtracting the extra annoyance and frustration that comes with it as you don't have to learn something new from scratch.  

1. Relic build items

An excellent example is the new relic build items that introduced 12 new crafting materials. Couldn't the developers have introduced the relic build items in a different way that doesn't require the introduction of 12 new materials?

For example, you could have used the already existing 6 original materials in the game and then added upgrade and construction tokens as a necessary ingredient in order to create the build item. Construction tokens to create it. Upgrade tokens to increase the level of it. And then adding extra construction and upgrade tokens to be purchased with apprentice tokens to make these build items easier to obtain. There is absolutely no need for new materials to be introduced. 

2. The relicus & the armory

Was it really necessary to introduce two brand new buildings just to make increased equipment storage and relic enhancements possible? There are much better ways in which these things could be incorporated to the game.

We already have Tehcnicus for enhancing normal equipments. You could have redesigned The Technicus so that you could upgrade both normal equipments and relic equipments in the same interface. Just create one tab for normal equipments and a second tab for relic. 

As for the armory, it shouldn't have existed at all to begin with. Just give all players the maximum storage by default. 
IF it is an absolute must to have purchaseable extra equipment storage then just put it in the same kings market where the improved market barrow capacity and return speed exist. 

3. Too many tools in the game

It doesn't make sense to have 4 different tiers of the same exact tool with minimal differences between each other.
For example: Look at the nomad chest tablet boosters. We have 4 different nomad chests. Why can't we just have 1 like we used to. The 3 extras doesn't add any more value to the game, it just makes things look overly complex.

Players now have to look at these 4 chests and decide, which one should i get? Or which one of these 4 should i put in my attack?
Annoying questions that we'd rather not have to think about. We just want to buy our boosters and use them, simple and straightfoward, no questions asked. 

This is not limited to nomad chests only. I think the same about the samurai and glory tools as well. 

The solution i think is pretty straight forward. Cut down on the amount of tool types and stop introducing more of these. If you absolutely must introduce new tools, then do it small, don't throw in 3 new nomad chests out of nowhere the first thing you do. 

4. Decoration forge

The decoration forge i must say is still a disaster yet today in terms of how it's designed. Despite the developers efforts to improve it and despite that this is a feature that has existed for a long time now. 

I still know of many high level players yet today who doesn't understand this feature and thinks it's frustrating to deal with and to try and understand. 

Don't get me wrong, the decoration forge is extremely simple. All it does is increasing PO of your desired decoration, but this feature is designed in a way that makes it look like some sort of highly advanced timemachine. 

Potential solution:

Instead of adding all these XP things, fusion parks/gardens... coins... catalysts...
Why not have 1,2 or 3 items only that would act as consumables and be required to upgrade your deocrations? Like for example: The first Item X adds 40 public order to any decoration you desire to upgrade. The second item X adds 50 public order... The third item X adds 60 public order... 

How it's used and the process

1. Click on a decoration. 
2. Click on upgrade
3. An interface pops up where you can choose how you want to upgrade it and by how much
4. Choose how much PO you want to upgrade the decoration by, based on which consumables you have available. 
5. After you selected how much and completed the upgrade +X amount of PO will be added to your decoration. You can also add some sort of animation or special effect when upgrade is completed to make the whole process more intuitive and pleasing. 

These consumeables you could earn from events, top rewards, alliance rewards? Anywhere that's appropriate. 
Straightforward, functional and satisfying with no learning curve required. 

5. The first time playing an event  /   New events

Today, whenever a new event is introduced there is always this steep learning curve trying to understand how it works. Like for example i still yet today haven't 100% got the gist of the new samurai event 2.0 with the Daimyos extension. I'm sure it's the same case for many others as i have noticed that the participation in the Daimyos is low on my server. The low participation could very well be because the Daimyos aren't really worth doing, but i don't think this is the only sole reason. 

I know it was similar with the Kingdom league event. 

Why can't there be improved tutorials and information available for these events? 

Currently we have these huge FAQ's for some events. But they are clogged up with huge piles of information. It's like reading a big instruction manual. Isn't there a way to simplify and compress all the information into one simple read?

What if the first time you ever opened the event, you are introduced to a simple tutorial that shows you how everything works. Similar to the tutorial new players get when they first create an account. Optional of course with the ability to be able to go back to it whenever you want. 

Since the events have became such a staple in this game, making sure that every player understands the in and outs of the events is of most importance if you want to keep the players interested. What i presented above are only ideas, whatever the idea may be, i feel that something needs to be done to simplify the learning process of the events for first time players. 

6. A new introduction screen for players who reach level 70 for the first time

I have noticed that there is a small amount of users out there who are discouraged from the level 70s because of it's complexity and difficulty of understanding. As soon as they reach lvl 70, they either quit the game or make a new account. Problem is that the level 70s are too overwhelming as there are so many new things and so much that you need to learn and understand in order to fully master it. 

Please create an introduction of some sort to fresh lvl 70 players explaining everything. All the new legendary levels and how they work. All the new legendary buildings and what they do. Along with any other things that makes lvl 70 special compared to what these players are normally used to.  Maybe even a little congratulations to the player reaching this level?

Right now reaching lvl 70 feels as a punishment for many as you are thrown in into a new way to play the game with no explainations or introductions available for you to access with ease. Reaching level 70 should feel rewarding and that you actually achieved something big and great. 

7. Selling equipments

It still frustrates me to this day. Everytime i have to go and sell my equipments when storage is full. Selling one at a time. I have now stopped selling my equipments when storage is full because it simply became too much. Why isn't there a way to select multiple of them? There was this great solution to this problem introduced to the game that allowed you to auto-sell equipments. Unfortunately this feature was put behind a paywall. Why are you intentionally annoying your players? You are giving me these equipments i don't want and then trying to make me pay money for a solution on a problem you guys created. 

8. Forced exposure of in-game ads 

On the topic of annoying your playerbase, we have all these constant pop-ups in the game. Now they even appear in our mailboxes. I personally don't believe in the idea of forced exposure of ads in a game like environment. It discourages new players to the game, making so that the game loses new potential costumers but also helps with increasing the rate at which the playerbase is shrinking. The older and already established players will not stay in this game forever. Some day these players will leave and someone will have to take their place. The developers needs to do a better job with attracting new users to the game and making the established players want to stay longer. 

For example, have you ever clicked on a link that took you to this site that gave you 3-4 pop-ups the moment you finished loading it? I don't know about you but i personally click away from them and don't bother unless it's something very important. 

Ending this epidemy of forced exposure of advertisements is step 1 to making the game healthier and more attractive. 

9. Clogged up screen

I feel that there is way too much going on when it comes to the main screen. 
Like for example why have all these event icons stack on top of each other? Can't we remove all these icons completely and give them their own interface/drop-down menu? These icons makes navigation in the game frustrating. 

Same with the subscription button.
Why make it so large? You could have just put it in the kings market or the ruby shop except for making it an oversized button covering up a small portion of the screen. 

10. Incoming attack warnings

We currently only have two active warning horns in use. The red for incoming attacks against your castles. And blue for incoming attacks against alliance members. 

Two horns aren't enough to cover all the different types of incoming attacks that exist. 
I don't know how many times i have seen a red horn, clicked it and what i see is an incoming NPC attack or a shapeshifter attacking with 32 units. Can't we get to know directly what is attacking us instead of making us have to go out and investigate ourselves? 

A red horn for incoming player attacks
A yellow horn for incoming NPC attacks
A purple horn for incoming shapeshifter attacks
A green horn for incoming event attacks

All of these would be great additions to the game. 
Note that i didn't mention the blue horn because it's already good as it is. 

11. Categorize all the items in the vendors

This is something that already exists in the Armorer. ^

Please divide more vendors into different categorizes for ease of access like you've already done with the armorer. The blacksmith is the most important one as navigating it is a nightmare with so many items. 

Categorizes such as individual tabs for tools, troops, build items, fusion items, equipments, materials, etc... 
For ease of access

Equipment trader could also need categorization.
Individual tabs for relics, gems, equipment-packages, single equipments

12. Event attacks

It happens every event that people click on the wrong button and accidentally launch a real attack instead of an event one. 

Please try and make it more obvious that you are sending an event attack instead of a normal one. 
For example, you could give event attacks a green arrow instead of the normal red one. 

13. Remove kingdom resources from alliance funds

These used to be useful when the alliance city event was around. But since the alliance city event was removed, these kingdom resources in the alliance funds servers no purpose. Their existance is at this point only a nuisance. It doesn't make any sense why the new khan and nomad alliance boosters should cost kingdom resources. Just make them cost wood, stone and those doubloons. We don't need more than this. 

14. Wishing well

The wishing coins were removed from the game, but why have you guys still not removed the wishing well? 
Remove it and refund the costs or at least disable it so that people can't upgrade it and waste their rubies. We were told that the wishing well would get a rework. Many years later, no rework. I don't expect this rework to appear this year, i don't expet it to appear next year either. 

I know there is more than this, but at this point the thread is already too long so i'll simply end it here. 
I wrote all of this in one go so expect some errors here and there. 

Post edited by Zenzer (GB1) on

No, i don't play on GB1. 


  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,066
    While I've seen all of these ideas before I still agree with them and you compiled them nicely well written :)

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now
  • bummer (NL1)bummer (NL1) NL1 Posts: 664
    Agree with all but the attack horns in different colors which may appear like a bouquet of flowers covering the screen.
    better would be to be able to opt in/out what type of attacks you see the horns.
    The game is overwhelming for the occasional and then I mean only an hour or so players, it is starting to be a day task to get all ins and outs.
    And way to much to do at the same time specially when you first have to find out how things are meant to work if you ever find it.
  • I'm sick & tired of all the commercial pop-ups,  setting my game in a freeze while they downloading in the background. Do they realy think in Hamburg that  I buy or spend more rubies by killing me with ads? Do you think I give my kid candy if he goes on asking for it after I said no? It's just  sick!!! And may be Im gonna quit the game after playing for years.  I cant stand it anymore. Commercials for spending or buying rubies should appaer en a new tab, like this forum appaers in a new tab!!
    So you can look when you want to all the commercials and the game is not disturbed. The starter of this topic has good ideas and is totaly right that development of new features the way its done now,  makes the game unexpainable.
    I want to organise an international strike for a day to give a signal to GGE that the way they push ads is not the way you should treat yor consumers of the game. Is there anyone who wants to help me?
  • bummer (NL1)bummer (NL1) NL1 Posts: 664
    the sad story in this game is there will always be people taking advantage of the knowledge you will not be on the game.
    What may be a safe way, not quite but at least almost, is to get yourself under protection for some time. That will at least be a clear sign to good games that we don't take the ads any longer.

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