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Funniest Apples which happened in Indian Server

Ranjan Barua (IN1)Ranjan Barua (IN1) IN1 Posts: 22
edited 25.10.2019 in Alliance News & Diplomacy
So let me give you a brief introduction first which is necessary for you to understand the Funny part :P 

We have only 2 main families in the server named UAL - United Alliance League and FFA Freedom Fighters Association , Which are currently in war. 
I belong to UAL family 
Ual family consists of Olympian godz , Illuminati , world war 3 and Deadly Ninjas 
whereas FFA consists of rest of the server except [Raigad , Indian legendaries (former ual allies) Neutral in this war]
whereas rest of the server being FFA family 
The alliance Ranking 
General Ranking

War was declared 4.5 Months ago by FFA which was holding all power buildings on the map to bully UAL family
After 4 months they are the ones getting bullied instead , lost all the power buildings along with few of their high ranking players losing ops.

Now here is the funniest Apples I have seen happening in the server yet
The msg sent to support by the player who lost the capital , Their leader Jainlenda Mutridutta (formerly played in his own in game account Janny which got banned for multi accounting , he still didn't stop. Started playing in already developed accounts whose owners have left the game Ghostlord , howrah and Bloodcaster , Yeah he plays 3 accounts on the server , Did i tell you he got fired from his job because of his obsession over this game , nah i haven't but know you know :P )

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