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  • ali hassan (INT1)ali hassan (INT1) INT1 Posts: 272
    Some reports Rose Iron vs PiRats
    Awesome reports.. ;)

  • ali hassan (INT1)ali hassan (INT1) INT1 Posts: 272
    @kavas7 (INT1)

    Who's killing who?

  • ali hassan (INT1)ali hassan (INT1) INT1 Posts: 272

    These reports are only from Magic players :)

    Hells Bells and Rats reports will be here soon too :D

  • Duplex (INT1)Duplex (INT1) INT1 Posts: 91

    I envy you so much for doing all these wars with no problem at all ... While me sitting there like a shit and attacking khan.... With my lame 😒 castellans and stuff... I would like these wars but I’m not ready... I ENVY YOU SO MUCH!! But it’s not your fault 😂

    Understimate me, get me wrong.. crack crack; thats your head gone !
  • ali hassan (INT1)ali hassan (INT1) INT1 Posts: 272
    Well after a long time I am here, but this picture includes the whole what I missed in the past ;)

  • ali hassan (INT1)ali hassan (INT1) INT1 Posts: 272

    These are not planned glory hits :)

  • ali hassan (INT1)ali hassan (INT1) INT1 Posts: 272
    Okay War is good for any Alliance that think they can control Int1

    I been playing over 7 years now , and spent most of it fighting wars , and wasted far to much money doing it , and have slowed down a lot now .

    But have seen many lows in this game and now even more HB and Pirates , the leader of Pirates is a person i respect , for her personally but not her Alliance, they manage to dragged the game into the gutter. Queen B is the leader of this Alliance but i believe she has no part in there duplicity . or hope not .

    I know there are no fair plays rule on GGE but how low can you go , like taken players outpost from active players dropping rv all the time .
    hitting in storm . but not fighting with your castles .

    I say this because we never went this low , But Pirates you have been put on notice thats the way we will play now , why waste are time fighting , when we can drop to your level at a fraction of the cost , so be prepare for storms wars and capture and rv dropping .

    As for Multis HB they been dead for a while they were the first to try all the tricks in the Book , but now they are just farms for anyone who needs resources Once a great Ally but they are just a ghost of there original Alliance. I use to have a lot of respect for them but what is left are just the by products now 

    Pirates has done this to ROSE IRON an alliance i respect, they have the same values as Ultis , Fantastic players fair players . But Pirates will come to realise the game is more about balance , and not domination they were destroyed once and can be again but like the time before no one should totally wipe out alliance purely for the game survival . i do note hate players or want to abused them , but just correct there ways 

    ROSE IRON and ULTIS rock especially all ours and there families 


    maybe if you start playing the gge game you would appreciate the game more instead of you crying for something that you can't have. play the game more by yourself and not let other multi-acct baby sit your account. or better, play farmville.

    and if you play more often with your account, you would probably have seen how dirty your alliance play the game. stop pointing finger on those players in pirates or HB dropping rvs. didn't RV drop and hitting storm started with your alliance? or you might have missed it because you weren't playing that much anyways. so you think your alliance is the cleanest saint of all.

    stop acting as if your alliance own the map. http://prntscr.com/oe9099. "Give us what we want"... well come and get them. don't cry in forum. play in game and show what your alliance can do. 

    your alliance can't accept a simple fact: when you lose your property in a game of war, the only way to get it is by the way you lost it. so stop asking it for them to be given back, fight in game and play the war game. 

    multimates can't accept defeat that's plain and simple. 

    Ah Jammy is here , thankyou for the invite for war , what a kind gesture by you . but if you read what i wrote i will not waste anymore money on this game , but maybe you never notice there are different ways to play game.

    You will find most are happy in what i do , but you got me sidetracked , it seems your writing here , are the losing words of a dead ally HUNG , TARKA AND MOST OF THE OTHERS have left you out in the cold , and now you have nowhere left to run , and you have been running but noone wants you anymore. everytime you spend a fortune on soldiers Vel kills them lol , not seen you for a while doing anything. but thats okay you can rest, I dont lke you wasting your money.

    anyway nice to chat Jammy , remember always have fun . i got farmville to play.

    No James you have it all wrong my friend. Veljko passed his crown to Dovlicca and asked us all to follow him. He also said that all property remain in Titans where is belongs. Now that he left Titans he expects all to be handed back to him. Vel wake up my dear. Once you have given something you can't ask for it back months later. And as for your point that you and UD took the property well what can I say? Really so no other in Titans did? I forgot how awesome the two of you are. But yes Ulti-Mates have lost property in war and that is war. 
    who james he is mikeru :D

  • aerial (INT3)aerial (INT3) INT3 Posts: 22
    i really find it so weird , stealing ops from active players and attacking in storm i mean even in wars we never do it 

  • These are not planned glory hits :)
    Some nice hits there. My guess is at least 6 waves of tools minimum, and the extra 3 waves full of Kings banners.

  • Liphiel (INT1)Liphiel (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1
    This war is still running. Wonder why the updates from Ultis stoped??  :wink:
    i also wonder why.

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