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The Heralds Emerge!

BM Neroxnex BM Neroxnex Posts: 772Moderator
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Moonlight night and starry sky

Brave Warriors,

The Prognosticators, Soothsayers and Astral Seers have long been busy at the behest of King Eric looking to the skies for omens, signs and portents of what lies in store for the Kingdoms. Such auguries have never proven accurate and so King Eric has turned to his Royal Heralds to announce to the Lords and Ladies the events of the Kingdom as they arise. No more will you be left in the dark, shuddering from the fear of Invaders and Attackers appearing to ravage the kingdoms unannounced. Instead you will stand in the light, secure in the knowledge that the Heralds will proclaim with certainty what is to happen from day to day amongst the kingdoms.

Kindest Regards,

The Heralds of King Eric

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