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Real Fair Play

  1. No hitting the same alliance more than 10 times per week. Doing o will be considered aggressive play and an act of negotiable war.
  2. No hitting players within +/-50 of the castle you're hitting from. Doing so will be considered a "snipe" and an act of negotiable war. 
  3. No taking rvs, nor capping outposts except during war.
  4. No multi-hit "wolfpack" style retals. Side note: Retals may come at any time and are deemed a retal if done within 7 days of the original hit. If you hit after the 7 days without notice that hit is then also available for another retal. Ergo, if Johnny hits me and I hit Johnny back 10 days later, Johnny is free to hit me again.
  5. Ops are open to being struck. They are subject to all the same rules above and below.
  6. All property of "big ticket" items are off limits save for wartime. Kts are not to be hit for glory, nor are Capitols or Metroes for honor sniping.
  7. If a player opens gates on a retaliation hit, they are available to be honor sniped. Close your gates if you don't want to be sniped.
  8. If a player is consistently inactive with poor loot scores, a poor glory title, and is burning, they are to be deemed "inactive." In order for a player to stop being a farm, they must not only put up loot scores exponentially higher than previous, (Say, 100k instead of their original 10k), but they must also send a message letting their farmers know they are back to active. If the message is a list of complaints and rude commentary, it is deemed cry mail and is subject to retaliation. 
  9. Your alliance may not hit the same alliance at the same time. If Joshua is hitting Area51 for example and his outgoing lands in 30 minutes, I am to wait until his outgoing lands before I send my hit. This rule will be enforced by equal opportunity retals. If an alliance breaks this rule, they are subject to being hit for an equal number of retals at the same time by the opposing alliance. This means if my alliance accidentally messes up, we're subject to coordinated retaliations from an opposing alliance on 2 of our players, splitting our support. (Which can be dire for smaller alliances outside the top 50).
  10. Hitting the same player more than once per day is strictly prohibited. Striking the same castle more than once per week is "excessive" and subject to interpretation/equal opportunity retal from the opposing alliance. If I hit James 3 times in one week, it is totally okay if I am hitting his other castles. Once in an op, Once in main, and once in outers for example. But if I hit Jame's main 3 times in one week, I am farming James.
  11. Harboring "Fugitives" is subject to interpretation and should follow the "Diplomacy" proceedings. Say I have a problem with John and this problem develops into a full-scale war with his alliance. After a month, John decides to run off and hide in another alliance. That alliance is to be given a 24 hour period to throw John before being declared on. They are to be sent PMs to all of their members eligible to boot John to inform them of the situation. This keeps it fair for players in the alliance who have no idea what's going on and suddenly getting punished over a guy they haven't even known for more than a few hours at best. 
  12. If multiple people launch on the same op to capture it, whoever can hold the capture from the initial launch wins. Massing an op capture will be considered unjustified play unless the op belongs to a family and is IN that family's sub alliance/retirement shell. 
  13. Retirement shells are open to being farmed, however, the property still belongs to the parent alliance.
I think these rules are fair. 13. Simple, up to date with the current meta, and reflective of both whales and lower tier players. This feels like true fair play. Tell me what you think about it. It's a rule set I intend to follow, regardless of what other alliances think. 
Goliath @ Asia1 - Elder Maxson @ USA1 


  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,232
    I really don't know what you are expecting from this thread, because no one is going to listen to a no-name low level player.
    Nor would everyone look at this to know your personal rules.
    Venom @ Asia - Member for Drunken Fist
    Venom @ Australia - War Marshal for Shadow Lords!!

    Best player on the test server B)

  • MaxMaxon (US1)MaxMaxon (US1) US1 Posts: 109
    @Azelfian (ASIA1)  how do you expect all the manchildren to actually follow those rules? And have you ever considered applying for the United Nations?

    You want to know what is going on at support? Oh, yeah. Send an email to xyzxyz and then have them tell you an email address to ask for a phone number so you can get an address for international mail to Mars. Once Elon Musk finally lands on Mars they'll tell you where to go in the Andromeda Galaxy to ask extraterrestrial intelligence what GGE support is truly doing because nobody on Earth knows what they do. The logic here is that we can't ever know what they do because they don't do anything! - dliu3

  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    Seriously.... I couldn't get past the 2nd one.   That phrase "an act of negotiable war" just was too much CRINGE for me...….
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,066
    edited 28.06.2019
    This is a war game not a politic roleplay game.

    Also kt's don't give glory if you hit them
    Also you ever heard of organized masses on other alliaces cause you know it's


    Also if someone is in a position to be sniped it's their fault and no stupid rule gonna stop me it's their fault 
    Also it's a war game there is never gonna be real fair play

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now

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