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market barrows (2-way)

I had suggested this a long time ago, but would like to reiterate, for consideration, the option of being able to carry goods/resources back & forth between a sending & destination castle/op. This option can be set prior to sending out the barrow; as often it's quite handy to return to the sending castle/op with needed resources/goods as well. Or, as another option, but less desirable due to the initial wasted travel time, the ability to send an empty barrow to a castle/op for collection.
Of these 2 choices, my preference is the first (2-way) option.

 I do not like the idea of being able to spy & attack market barrows as there is enough loss of resources through attacks already, & should alliance members send resources to an attacked/burning member for quick rebuild/assistance, why should they all suffer the vulnerable loss? However, if there is any consideration of this "attack barrows" option, it would only be appropriate to have the ability to provide a protection army detail along the way. In the days of  such caravans travelling between villages & castles, it was typically attacked by "highwaymen"; very rarely another lord. In this vein, this could open up the option of shadow mercenaries attacking barrows secretly (like the pelt hunters), with mercenary camps (not partaking of castle food stocks, just like shadow mercs), or a completely new group of peasant attackers called "Highwaymen".
Thanks for consideration.

rumbleseat @ usa 1

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