Royal Capital Compensation

Firstly there should have been a thread set up to allow players to respond to this announcement.  

Secondly this is unfair and will not work.  Had the compensation been provided immediately the Royal Capital option became unavailable this approach would have been appropriate now it's woefully inadequate and in no way will pay back what players put in.  

I largely ignored Royal Capitals as I thought it was flawed in concept and execution so I wouldn't expect anything back but what I consider wrong is that players have moved alliances several times since the Capitals stopped working so by rewarding an alliance you are not rewarding the players who directly contributed to the building the city.  For it to be fair it has to be a player by player award nothing else works.  Alliances have merged, alliances have closed and players have left or are barely active due to poor game management, cheating and poor game environment so consequently due to this mismanagement ironically it is going to be a lot lot cheaper for GGE to reimburse ... well who exactly...are you reimbursing players who never actually played the event rather than those who played the event previously.  

This is basic stuff and that you can get something this simple this wrong with no consultation is indicative of how bad things have got.  

Just makes no sense at all.  Alliance are fictional entities players who play in them are real.  You should always pick the player to compensate over a body that may or may not in real terms exist and this way you don't have top alliances farms and shells getting more benefit than genuine players who frankly are an endangered species these days.  

The drop a bomb and run approach isn't good the CM and BM's shouldn't be putting these things out unless they are ready to provide clarification or explanation.  I just don't think you know what you are doing and like a lot of other players am spending time playing elsewhere now.  It just feels like you are out of your depth now compared to other games which frankly offer a much better playing experience.  
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  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) Posts: 1,814GB1
    i see you are not compensating for any coins i had gathered, only booster packs, what about all those booster packs i spent getting the coins that are now  useless?  Booster packs were used to increase coins, so why are you not compensating coins?  Why are you not compensating those players who might have incomplete commanders, and you have now taken away any chance of  building anythign worthwhile.

    What about all those millions of coins I donated to the alliance ?

    You really havent even thought about this at all have you.

    This isnt compensation, its a joke, all you have done is simply thought of a way to ensure you give as little out as is possible,  and has NOTHING at all to do with refunding  what players have lost by your decision to remove an event from the game.  Boosters is only a tiny part of the royal capital.

    Please dont insult us by calling it compensation, thats not at all what it is.  This is simply an attempt by GGE to give us £1 back and act as though they are being fair when we all lost 100 times that.

    If it was a fair system, you shoudl be refunding all coins donated to alliance by members,  and once they have all their coins back you should be exchanging coins for  sam or  nomad tokens .you should be giving players the option to swap their royal capital equipment for blacksmith tokens to give them the opportunity to get a full commander.

    it was YOUR  decision to remove the event, no player wanted it, when you do this you KNOW you are shafting your players, you should have fully considered this BEFORE the decision was taken to remove, and worked out a way of ensuring that all players were not disadvantaged through YOUR decision.

    Thsi token gesture is frankly a joke.   

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  • I wonder how they wil determine de worth of the compensation for the players. since they removed all tokens we had after deciding the royal capital was not coming back. An months later they's talking about a compensation in a very vague way ..... no one remembers exactly how many RC tokens they had........ and even if you do. there's no way to prove it
    Is it going to be another global compensation? Don't think that would be fair to anyone...... and the only one having a benifit of it will be GGE as usual
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  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) Posts: 1,120GB1

    If it isn’t possible to compensate players individually then that would be what I would want to hear from the CM. Compensating alliances that no longer exist looks to be an interesting undertaking. Are you going to go back to former players and credit them or financially reimburse them as product was faulty? How exactly step by step does it work? Some warning to players of impending losses in game was at least a positive. But rewarding players who did nothing to earn rewards in a lot of cases is just an odd odd way of approaching it

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    It's quite a problem for them.  I was playing in US1 at the time.  My Alliance had upgraded our Alliance City as well.  I also had tools and coins in the event at the time they suspended it.  Likely they will say you have to have had the items when they decided to Officially end the event.  Any Alliance that disbanded between the suspension and the final decision, are simply lost.  I know that I cannot expect any compensation, as PROVING what I had back then would seem to be impossible.  

    Although that I was able to recapture my Forum Account under my new name in INT3 says it COULD be possible...…
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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Posts: 1,018Community Manager
    The compensation, which is still being finalised, will not be a global compensation. I would hope to have the final details later today which I will then share with you.
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  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) Posts: 1,120GB1

    With respect it should have been finalised before being announced to all players. How can we have any confidence if you still haven’t finished it it is released on Tuesday tomorrow. Pull it consult on what is fair with the players effected and then roll out something that will be closer to being acceptable. How many US alliances have folded in recent war unbelievable their alleged leadership teams are doing absolutely nothing to stop their players being ripped off again. These are alliances and players who put a lot into royal capitals us server deserve misc clearly stands for missing as ever on issues that matter.

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