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Sorting out the pop ups and offers

I thought I would ask, why doesn't gge get there programmers to properly design the popup offers. They don't need so many popups appearing at the same time, just 1 main heading that if players are interested in then they open it and get sub menu's of main or secondary offers. What would also help is if GGE think about how players respond to offers, and what to offer at a single time. Many players like myself will only get certain offers if they correspond to ruby reduction offers, this is mainly due to the pricing system that GGE wrongly think will get them more money, when in fact it reduces the purchases. An example would be GGE's liking for selling things for the 30k ruby purchase value which you would have to pay 14.99 for at normal times. However a much better offer, but one seldom used by GGE is to produce an a ruby purchase offer at the same time for 9.99 which is +100% on rubies. If GGE used this offer more then more normal players would probably take the offer, i.e more money for GGE, more enjoyment for players.
That would also mean then that they would only need the one popup tab showing what the player would get for that offer, rather than having to click on every one. 
It makes sense to me but, who knows maybe not others....we can but try


  • ~King~ (IN1)~King~ (IN1) Posts: 35IN1
    yes, you are absolutely right.
    I think the same because when I am playing in game then many pop-ups come and then we have to close them and then they again pop out.
    GGe should really do something about this.
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  • LadyWolfe (US1)LadyWolfe (US1) Posts: 114US1
    I just click thru the popups and don't even read them. There has to be a better way. You know what? How about going to a subscription based business model? Where everyone could cough up 14.95 per month? Wouldn't that be better than trying to woo the roob whales with these insane popups?

    Because, LIGHTFLASH... those who don't want to spend money will NEVER spend money. Those who do would be just as happy to continue to support the game with subscription.

    And I'm not talking about the woeful inadequate subs policy they have in place now. GGE needs to put some NON-INVASIVE FUN bak into the GAME! It IS A GAME... not an advertising MARATHON.
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