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fake prae

maverique (GB1)maverique (GB1) GB1 Posts: 126
Evening all.

I am writing this more in disgust than actual dislike.

Always had time for prae....mike and skel......still have,

A known glitch many  know about is what prae use for power atm....Rvs are used to transport men and make the game falsify power,......2 do this you need rvs to travel to....suprise suprise...philt has 2 in fire and no res builds....

As we all know you dont retain res rvs if you have no res builds lol.....and the argument you keep to station attack doesnt back up as you would sooner have these in a castle with defenders.Even if retaining res builds the logic and excuse is bombed....

Cheza 2,34 million ....power is conning gge ...she 1,4 at best,,,,philt on 2,7 is far more capable....they both use this rv trick....I am disgusted in them both for this ...phil good player but an emu...caught cold here and I cant wait for the replies...do not come on this forum and spill lies of denial....

Lets see phil drop his public res rvs and cheza and see how the power holds over the next 12 weeks?both will dropp 600k.//////cheza more

Mike I have alot of time for u but you are the first to slate cg for using bots.,.. fake power on a glitch.....if cheza or philt want to argue this matter drop the res punlic rvs  and food public and let us see this power remain?lets see them on no public rvs......I despise  and do not respect cheats...and u wont be able to counter this....as we just drop all public rvs and the server can power check them both?.............?

To moan on bots phil and do this you are an absolute clown....lets see ya power on no public rvs when u cant rob and con uk1 that you are this brilliant giuy...you are a fraud pal/

Lets see if either drop all public rvs to prove a point here.....my guess is they will come on here and talk absolute crap....lets let the server decide this debate,.
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  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,839
    edited 09.06.2019
    you need to stop smoking crack mate, you really do!!!

    I have no clue what you are on about but clearly from your post neither do you!!!!

    to all the kids out there just say no, or this is what happens to you!

    When you have sobered up I will accept your apology.
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • maverique (GB1)maverique (GB1) GB1 Posts: 126
    edited 07.07.2019


    Lets hug it out .

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  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,056

    I got many private rv's and still have ress rv's cause when I get hit it is easier so just go to world map and send to a ress rv near me I can see than type in name of someone and send support there.

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now

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