The League of Shadows Report

Alliance:  Real Steeel 
Server: EN1
Leader: Fabulous Dulcie
Player: Ibez

Our agent report unusual activity and possible infiltration of Real Steel by forces hostile to T and C and fairplay.  

Recommendation:  Referral to Governing Body for close observation.  

Alliance description notes:  "In normal play we strongly support the fairplay code"  

However agents note potential timelag in diplomatic statements as evidenced by seeming contiuation of war on an alliance that was believed to have ended.

"We are in ongoing war with CG at the moment but are continuing with normal Fairplay with other alliances." 

Agents report concerns about failings in recruitment checks and leadership.  

Batten @ en 1


  • King Zed (INT3)King Zed (INT3) Posts: 131INT3
    that must be either an inside joke or top british humor,in both cases,I don't get it XD
    King Zed Leader of Invisible Ghosts

    The end itself...
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