Jump for Justice

How does it feel to lose an event you actually won?

How does it feel to watch other alliances and players use and abuse rewards that by rights should have been yours?

How does it feel to be hit by players who according to the terms and conditions shouldn't still be playing the game having long since been banned?

How does it feel to be threatened, to be intimidated into silence for fear they will turn on you or those you protect next?  

How does it feel to know the very players who claim to stand for fairplay are the very same players who are most guilty of breaking the rules and of never enforcing the rules with their players that they force on you?

How does it make you feel to watch GGE finally take "action" six / seven years and several millions later, on a few whilst many escape with no sanction?

Are you okay with that?  With the hypocrisy?  With the dishonesty?  With the silence and implicit support that implies?

Is it time to take action?

On the 4th July across all servers the League of Shadows is calling for a day of rage to show our anger at those who would cheat, lie to us and steal from us.  It is a day for you to show that enough is enough and to express the strength of your feeling.  We are asking that every player in an alliance that they know to be multi-accounting, password sharing, botting, alliance farming, VPNing or breaching the terms and conditions sends a clear message to their leadership and to GGE the scale of the problem and that honest players will no longer accept it.  Let your actions speak for you Stand Up and Step Out.  Take back your independence and start playing the game your way.  

Further Days of Rage Events will follow until GGE enforces their rules. 

Stand Up Step Up.  Have courage in your conviction!
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