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King Eric’s 200% Prime Time Only Today


Recently, King Eric managed to fix a couple of issues in his great Kingdom. To appreciate your patience his heralds are proudly announcing that there will be a one time only gift package available for twenty four hours from today 10.00 am (CEST).


The package consists of a 1000% Glory Booster, a 500% Long Term Point Event booster, 120,000 food, 1,000 Veteran Demon Horrors and last but not least 3,000 Veteran Deathly Horrors.

Benevolent King Eric has not only decreed gifts for all but he has also deemed it high time to extend a super unique 200% Prime Time offer from 07.00 pm to 07.30 pm (CEST) today to you all. This chance you won't get again in the near future. So if you wish to avail of this offer make sure and do so today. Truly his generosity knows no bounds!


We wish you a good day and a lot of fun playing Empire!


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