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Minimizing clicks and button pushing

In light of all the complaints about the mail (which I get) I wanted to bring up something related which is repeat hand movements that lead to other issues (carpel tunnel).  We live in a time where we now text and type a lot of the time and it would be best to minimize this in the game.  Here are a few instances where it could be reduced:

1) mail (return it two where it was and give us other options)

2) selecting spies:  I have to click the button 23 times to get half the spies to one target and the other half to another.  Seems this is the number to get the best results for me and could be for many others.

3)all the ads - I have to click them to remove them.  wouldn't it be better to have them on a horizontal strip near the bottom.  I do look at your ads.

I think you guys have already done a great job of making the game easier to maneuver about in the game.  Also I am sure there are other game issues that could be improved upon.  The sliders are great for me and the idea you guys had for viewing armor is also a good idea in my opinion.

HeroAzure @ usa 1
Art by Sam Hurt, Title Cactus Cat


  • Twaitsy (GB1)Twaitsy (GB1) GB1 Posts: 419
    I use a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse (but there are many other manufacturers of perfectly good tablets).

     It's far more comfortable for the repetitive nature of this game. If you're like me and a mouse hurts your hand you might want to giver it a try.

    Just check out the sort of amazing pictures you can draw with it.
  • Twaitsy (GB1)Twaitsy (GB1) GB1 Posts: 419
    You can even use it to take over someones account.


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