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Event Fixes & Global Relic Equipment - 9th of May

Brave warriors,

We're going to have an update today for Empire, between 15:00 - 17:00 CET with a 20-30 minutes downtime.
This update will implement solutions and fixes for some of the prevalent issues that you're currently experiencing in Empire. We expect that this update will solve the problems for the next runs of our Battle for Berimond Event and for the Storm Islands as well. Our developers have been working hard to bring the database into a state where these events run as they have done up to this point!
We would also like to mention that while there are still outstanding issues, we felt like getting this update out today and thus solving the events for later in the month was important. The team continues to work on fixing all the issues and again: we thank you very much for your patience! 

We also have something else that we're going to implement with this bugfix-update: We're going to release the Relic equipment today for all of our global servers in Empire!

If you want to read more about this or in case you missed our latest Relic equipment announcement of last week, please find the complete guide here.

We thank you for your patience and wish you a lot of fun with our awesome new Relic equipment!

Best regards,
Your Empire Family
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