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The Heritage Wars: Final Standings - 30th of April

Brave warriors,

Our Heritage Wars - Battle of Nations Event, in the Outer Realms, is officially over! 

Let's take a look at our overall Top 10 Heritage Wars Servers in the following screenshot: 

Congratulations to our overall winner Germany, the top 2-4 ranks Russia, France, and China but also to all of you who've participated in this event! Your battles for the top ranks were epic and thrilling and we hope that you've enjoyed this competition! 

Here is the full ranking list with the overall points included:

InstanceOverall PointsOverall Rank
DE 1384161
RU 1334032
FR 1333393
CN 1332344
PL 1324115
TR 1321946
CZ 1314207
SKN 1313448
JP 1312949
GB 13114410
US 13082211
INT 23055012
HANT 13040613
PT 13039414
AU 13026815
RO 13023716
IT 13008017
BG 12998418
ES 12995819
SK 12995020
AE 12987621
GR 12984222
HU 22952823
BR 12938624
ES 22905625
INT 12893226
NL 12881027
HU 12876428
HIS 12864629
SA 12864629
ARAB 12845231
ASIA 12834632
IN 12828633
LT 12801034
KR 12720035
EG 12671236

If you want to take a second at our previous intermediate ranking(s) again, then please click here.

fujiwara @ en-1
fujiwara @ us-1

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