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Redirect to Flash game version due to technical problems on weekend (26th - 28th of April)

Brave warriors, 

We received reports from players over the weekend (Friday to Saturday), which mentioned critical issues that were occurring in the HTML5 version of the game. At first, players suspected the in-game survey that we scheduled over the weekend. We consequently took it down, but the issues were still occurring. The survey was therefore not the culprit and we had to redirect the game to Flash for all of our global servers in order to save them from the same issues that the affected servers were mentioning. 

We are still working on a solution but it seems that we won't be able to proceed with a fix for this today. 
We were able to progress with this though and we are currently expecting a solution for this problem during the course of the next days - and we are working our hardest to make that happen during the course of tomorrow

We will provide you with additional information by tomorrow and we also deeply apologize for these technical problems!

Best regards,
Your Empire Family
fujiwara @ en-1
fujiwara @ us-1


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