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Discussion Thread : Relic - What you need to know!



  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,837
    Can anyone help me out 

    I have built a relic cast and it shows as follows


    (sorry I dont know how to get it to display in post)

    From this can someone tell me what I can expect the melee strength to be firstly against a normal player, and then against a kahn incoming?

    Becasue I read it as being it should be 120% Against a normal castle lord and 139.2% against an NPC incoming ie the Kahn lord.  ie 120% normal plus 19.2% NPC bonus.

    Can someone confirm this is how its supposed to work?
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Osiris (GB1)Osiris (GB1) GB1 Posts: 286
    What is the difference between a bonus for "glory invasion targets" and "castle lords"? I thought Bloodcrows were considered to be castle lords? Copies of Players? 
    Yes but FL and BC are invasion events so the equipment relates to them rather that to straight PvP.  Both are considered "castle lords"  but FL and BC are (allegedly) facsimiles of players rather than players themselves. So PvE and PvP share some but not all the same features/tags
    Osiris @ en 1
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,837
    As per my post above  the Bonus's for the NPC Relik Cast are not working, tested agaisnt a Kahn incoming and non of the NPC bonus's are being added on.

    All the NPC bonus add in properly on the commander when hitting the Kahn, so it just looks like the CAST that is not working.  Not really usefull given its the onyl NPC event that you need a cast for on at the moment can you please look into and fix ASAP please.
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,837
    Any news of a fix for the non working NPC relik casts ? ideally before the only NPC cast event in the game finishes ?
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Druids (GB1)Druids (GB1) GB1 Posts: 151
    The latest message from gge, due to difficulties we are sorry but we cannot give out the PROMISED relic items owed by gge to players who completed the relic quest, but we will give you an additional 15k coins.

    What they really mean is, we can give you the relic items as promised, but we are not going to. You can buy each one therefore from the alliance smithy at 80k each, so the three will cost you 240k. which you can put your 15k towards...

    Thats not just a con its a big insult, and slap in the face from gge...boo...hissssss
  • Shares (AU1)Shares (AU1) AU1 Posts: 576
    edited 16.05.2019
    as per similar thread..you cant swap with other sets easily and you cant supplement relic sets with other pieces.
    Shares @ au 1
  • On these quests for the relic items that are specific to the currently running event, it shows 3 relic items, when I complete it the screen comes up and shows 3 relic items but I only get one of them.  What is the story with this?  Do we get just one for each quest completed or 3?   


    Proud Member of Dumais
    All of the following are unfair practices by GGS and I protest them all:

    1. A huge amount of special offers and such.  We asked if they could put them in our mailboxes instead of on the screen.  They put them in our mailboxes, and left them on the screen, and also increased the number of these things.  
    2. The Foreign Invasion and Bloodcrows Events that give you level 70 castles that are pretty shitty.  And then you have to spend games tokens, coins or rubies to get a decent castle.
    3. This Master Blacksmith feature is ridiculous.  With the points given out the Monthly Event for each hit being so low, it is impossible to get even down the first page where the Season Booster is. 
    4. The new Kingdom League that gives you so-so rewards unless you buy a season pass for 17,600 rubies.
    5. All improvements to the game that require more and more Rubies to be purchased and spent.  How about some improvements for those players who don't, those who do occasionally but now have to purchase more and more, or can't buy Rubies?
    6. Changes to events that allow only the "Ruby Whales" to obtain a full set of some really great equipment sets.
    7. A large number of challenges going on at the same time which makes it impossible to master them all and the icons for the events, and pop-ups that fill up my screen. Like right now, Nov. 25, 2019, I have 4 Icons on the left by the Message box going vertically up the screen, and I have three icons on the right side by the toolbar going vertically up (sometimes it's 4 on the right), plus all but one of the icons has arrows to flip through the offers.  Too much of my screen is covered with this nonsense.
    8. The never-ending Sale Pop-ups that I have to keep closing these boxes and having these pop-ups interfering with tasks I am doing.
    9. And any more events that require the use of large amounts of Rubies.  It’s about time for GGS to pay attention to all the players.
  • PJH_ (GB1)PJH_ (GB1) GB1 Posts: 337
    seems to me that sams iteration of filling the war chest 8/9 is broken : if you try to donate the khan medals it deducts them without completing the task.... kicking myself that I keep falling for this story that they fix things....
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,120
    I think because you are above the cap on the first one Phil the second option wouldn't kick in as it can't break the limit.  It would only work if the first stat was below 120% so if it was 117% you just get an extra 3% I think as first stat is I think added first
    Batten @ en 1
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 906
    Here's what one really needs to know about the relic stuff:  If you already got good equipment, only do the relic stuff out of curiosity as it's not going to be better than what you got at least 95% of the time.
  • 10frank65 (INT3)10frank65 (INT3) INT3 Posts: 10
    salve, le nuove reliquie (relik)mi sembrano molto potenti, specie quelle con 3 *, sono da mescolare bene e leggere le sue proprietà, non metterle a caso per riempire spazio per castellano o comandante,
    il rimborso e stato fatto a tutti di 14.9 mila monete. ma coloro i quali hanno versato mille volte + nulla verrà rimborsato? non e giusto , + si va avanti + diventa complicato giocarci per i vari bug e po-up fastidiosi continui , mediate ggs meditate..
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,837
    It doesnt work that way on the comm batten?  why would it work that way on the cast?  And what the point of having a cap for a PVP comm and an additional bonus for a PVE  if it doesnt add as an additional?

    Here is a screenshot from an attack against the Kahn Tower


    As you can see from the screenshot both the melee and the CY hit their standard cap but the additional NPC bonus is added on top of that limit.

    But the cast NPC bonus is not working.

    TO be honest it would make no sense to display the bonus separatly the way it is if it was subject to the same cap that would simply be misleading.

    I would also mean the NPC bonus was totally and utterly pontless if it was subject to the same cap, its early days yet but i cant see it being all that difficult to be hitting the limits on the normal cap if there is no NPC bonus you may as well remove all the NPC bonus equipment.

    Also this has been ongoing for the whole duration of the KAHN event yet no one from GGE is confirming or denying the problem despite posting on the thread WHY?

    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,120
    It just seems completely unnecessary addition to me there is already way to much equipment out there this isn't adding challenge or complexity it's just adding more problems to a system that already doesn't work.  The rampant inflation makes the game pretty much unplayable.  They just seem to have lost any semblance of discipline in terms of development.  We spent years working towards relatively small gains now the gaps are enormous and there is essentially no way for emerging players to progress through in my view.  The alliance system is as good as dead as far as I can see I'm not sure why you are still bothering with it Phil it's holding you back.    
    Batten @ en 1
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,837
    PS can you stop giving me offers for a load of Cast relik equipment even if i was inclined to spend 500,000 rubies on equipment I would need somewhere to store it and seeing as you havent given me sufficient storage, it doesnt matter how good the offer is or how great the equipment is I cant buy it unless I have somewhere to put it can i!!!

    Also last time i checked the relik cast equipment wasnt functioning correctly, have you fixed it yet?  if you havent then should you really be selling equipment for ruby that you know doesnt work ?


    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Drackor (US1)Drackor (US1) US1 Posts: 19
    This paying a minimum of 80k coins or 1500 rubies just to use alliance smitty to complete dailies
    Drackor @ usa 1
  • Druids (GB1)Druids (GB1) GB1 Posts: 151
    Relic equipment...Yet another gge money spinner to go with the FC's and Crows, and probably part of the same game plan to justify the various relic war chest quests. The idea being to make the castles even smaller and easier to attack to make up the numbers needed for said quest, and of course the need to hit even more to get the glory needed for the quest. I gave up the moment I got 3 commanders, as the 3 prizes. Yet before that I had had 2 commanders from 3 prizes, and all rubbish. I don't even take FC's and Crows seriously anymore because of the repetitive low value castles, I can see why so many are leaving the game, and probably many more will.
    Gge! you really need to start to listen to players and the forums, you are really losing the plot.
  • Druids (GB1)Druids (GB1) GB1 Posts: 151
    PS can you stop giving me offers for a load of Cast relik equipment even if i was inclined to spend 500,000 rubies on equipment I would need somewhere to store it and seeing as you havent given me sufficient storage, it doesnt matter how good the offer is or how great the equipment is I cant buy it unless I have somewhere to put it can i!!!

    Also last time i checked the relik cast equipment wasnt functioning correctly, have you fixed it yet?  if you havent then should you really be selling equipment for ruby that you know doesnt work ?


    I think thats why they added the ability to increase the amount of commanders in the encampment to 35, by using construction tokens and upgrade tokens. Another couple of items to buy or compete for in more of their events, no one wants.
  • --Syed-- (ASIA1)--Syed-- (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 24
    I left the game for three months just to take some break and thought GGE might introduce something better in the mean time.
    I was totally wrong. I've been playing this game for around 3 years now grinding myself inorder to get better equipment.Got around 2 M.summoners and 4 A.Summoners.
    And now when i'm back i see this BS where players 100-200 level below me have better equips in the form of relics.
    Totally absurd such an a** update.

    Proud General Of Drunken Fist 
    Current level: 70 L.L 258 (16-2-19) 
    Base PP: 700K+ 

    Non-Ruby Player 
    That's all... ;)


  • My guys can't place the Relic items.  They keep getting blocked by chains.
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,837
    you cant mix relik items with normal items so you can only add them to a totally blank cast or comm space.  
    Philt123 @ en 1
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