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The Heritage Wars: Current Standings - 29th of April

Brave warriors,

Your glorious battles in the Battle of Nations version of the Outer Realms are a sight to behold, but climbing the ladder to top ranks of our Heritage Wars is quite a competitive ambition!

That’s why we’ve prepared our latest intermediate ranking results for the Top 10 Servers of our current Battle of Nations for you. Please make sure to take a look at the following visual to see whether or not your server was able to make it to the top 10 of the Heritage Wars:

Well done thus far brave warriors! Your server didn’t make it to the top 10 of the Heritage Wars yet? That’s no problem because there are still plenty of days left, so keep on fighting for your servers and keep on chasing the current top 10!  

We’ll update the intermediate rankings on a regular basis - twice or three times a week - via our in-game communication tool on the Outer Realms server (only!) and also on Social Media.

Here is the full ranking list with the overall points included:

InstanceOverall PointsOverall Rank
DE 1352011
RU 1305562
FR 1305053
PL 1296974
TR 1293685
CN 1289546
CZ 1287937
SKN 1287648
GB 1284829
JP 12845010
US 12825011
INT 22791212
PT 12784613
RO 12770014
AE 12768015
AU 12768015
HANT 12756217
IT 12751218
SK 12745219
ES 12738020
BG 12735021
GR 12723622
HU 22701923
BR 12685324
ES 22661625
INT 12646026
HU 12642627
NL 12634228
SA 12627229
HIS 12621430
ASIA 12603231
IN 12567832
LT 12546433
ARAB 12535434
EG 12442635
KR 12440036

If you want to take a second at our previous intermediate ranking(s) again, then please click here.

fujiwara @ en-1
fujiwara @ us-1

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