Taking Bets



  • Lmao at this thread and lol at Misc alliance description y'all are ruthless.

    "I feel like a ghost, walking around unseen in the backdrops of these other happy lives"

  • eckberg (US1)eckberg (US1) Posts: 51US1

    It's still probably an even match.

    I mean we have eck, who's main skills include being useless and probably has the worth of less than nothing.

    I would estimate he's worth about -30 Cbee's, so it'd probably equal out.

    Big facts.  They especially thrashed me when they sent 46 tool burners even when I pulled all my tools.  Then Cbee threw 3 of his legendary, "I can hold the center with no casty" hits.  After the TBs landed.  But now he's losing an OP a  couple days after his big move to Serry's loving embrace.  And serry is so heart broken, he's moved to the capped OP to I guess apply some aloe to gentle the burn.  He's such a catch, that Serry.  ;)

    1 mil+ MP players.
    Find 300k MP potatoes.
    Snipe their attack and outers.
    "LOL get gud eventers and pvp like real players!!!"
    Always have worse KD ratios vs equal players.

  • K1LLER (US1)K1LLER (US1) Posts: 563US1
    My money is on K0N...
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