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Taking Bets

  So when is KON and DT merging?  Today?  Tomorrow?  What will the name be?  


  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,772AU1

    Dream queens as nowhere else but in their dream will they be queens reigning over anything

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  • At this point I honestly feel bad for the people without properties, it's almost like they were predestined to get the short-end of the deal. All that time and money just to be left in the side-lines.

    Call me crazy but I genuinely believe that DT leadership always wanted Serry's plan to secretly come true, one way or another for as much property to land in one alliance.  With the events of the last server war and this one, if DT really believes Misc was "using them", then they are simply crazy.

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  • _R11G_ (US1)_R11G_ (US1) Posts: 76US1
    Next thing you know, KoN will get beat out of existence too
  •   Worth noting that instead of merging with one of their failed subs like GWS or GK they chose to merge in DT property holders.  Pretty much shows they dont give a damn about the meatshields and its all about that property.  I would like to commend them on the strategy tho.  hey were able to commandeer most of Dts prop with out hitting them them once.

    It's actually a form of reverse-psychology, just remember that you have to be very open minded.

    You see, KoN was winning too hard so they let dozens of members go to let it be a more fair fight for us. The fight is still in their favor though. They are taking property holders because they want to lure us into a feeling of false security only to unmerge and be stronger than before.

    I'm here to make pretty castles and recruit defense.
  • CaptainBro (US1)CaptainBro (US1) Posts: 873US1
    edited 20.04.2019
    I feel glad for KoN and DT, I'm sure that having multiple capitals of the same type is somehow advantageous...

    Still 4th in PP though...
    I'm here to make pretty castles and recruit defense.
  • It's still probably an even match.

    I mean we have eck, who's main skills include being useless and probably has the worth of less than nothing.

    I would estimate he's worth about -30 Cbee's, so it'd probably equal out.

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