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Equipments and auto sale

Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,713
Can we please make the auto-equipment sale thing a feature that is available and unlocked for everyone in the game rather than only the people who purchased the tier 2 subscription?

Equipment and gem inventories constantly filling up to max capacity is a big problem and has always been. 
Not only is this incredibly annoying but it also results in loss of valuable equipments won from events for many people because their inventories are full. 

Sure, you can pay for extras/bonuses, but why should you have to pay for a solution on a big problem in this game?
That's like releasing a bugfix update for a game but then force people to pay in order to unlock/receive it. 

If you aren't going to make the auto-equipment sale feature available for everyone then please look for and develop alternative ways for us players to get around this problem. 

No, i don't play on GB1. 

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