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Roadmap for Q2

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Brave Warriors,

The time has come again, the path is revealed and all secrets are laid bare…Yes you’ve guessed it the latest installment of the roadmap is ready and without much further ado here you go:

What’s planned for Q2:

  • Additional Outer Realms scoring mechanics
    Following on from feedback from our players and looking at just how popular the Outer Realms have proven we will be focusing on bringing some new mechanics to the game.
  • Additional Relic Buildings (Outer Realms + Kingdom’s League)
    We’re going to add some new Relic Buildings to the current roster which currently contains our Relic Greenhouse, in order to provide you with more interesting options to have fun with.
  • Additional Outer Realms Global Effects
    New effects will include food consumption reduction. attack boost for units and a recruitment speed boost.
  • Invasion Add-on - Legion of the Daimyos 
    We will have an add-on which will be similar to what we did in the past to our Nomad Invasion with our Khan add-on. This will be called the Legion of the Daimyos.
  • Growing Ruby Bonus (Loyalty Bonus Subscr.)
    The Growing Ruby Bonus will give you a ruby bonus for each ruby package purchased in the Shop. The system will increase the percentage bonus value monthly, as long as the subscription is active.
  • We are currently investigating partnerships with new payment providers to make purchasing subscriptions more widely available.

Royal Capitals

Royal Capitals are going to be canceled and removed from the game. We have tested the feature extensively and in the end, only a complete rewrite of the Royal Capitals will bring them into line with what we think is an enjoyable and quality feature. These will be totally removed from the game in the upcoming quarter. This will, of course, be followed up with compensation for cities.
And now for the silver lining: our designers are now looking into a better way to offer alliance related content to you. Please stay tuned to see what they have in planning.

We Listen!

Feedback from our community is absolutely invaluable and we want to let you know that we are listening. Two great examples of this are that we have not implemented the protection for burning castles and not the limitation of sabotages as previously shown. Please keep that feedback coming.


Certain features didn’t fit into Q1 and we have moved them to Q2. 
  • A vendor, styled closely along the lines of the previous Shapeshifter one, was announced in Q4 of 2018. We are working on it now and hope to have it completed within Q2.
  • An expansion to our current equipment system, with the introduction of a new tier, will be ready soon

Our testing of the Battle for Berimond adjustments is still underway. Work continues on this and as soon as we can, we will have the event ready for you. Having said that we really can’t give an accurate time frame for its release just yet.
The Berimond Invasion for Empire: Four Kingdoms has also been postponed. While we really want to get this out to you it needs more work and unfortunately, we will need to postpone this event for the foreseeable future.
We are also postponing the changes to the hospital. Again more testing is needed to balance the feature and make sure it works as intended. As with the Berimond Invasion, we can’t promise an exact date for the changes to be made. 

What we’ve done thus far

The list is pretty long and so I’ll keep the descriptions a little short. The following features are done and have already been updated or will be released with the March update:

  • The Collector’s Event which started in Halloween 2018 continues with more items and themes. 
  • Outer Realms has seen some improvements and we will continue with these into the future.
  • Implementation of the Kingdom’s League
    We’ve also added some first improvements for the Kingdom’s League as well. 
  • Private Resource Villages are now in place and we hope you enjoy them.
  • Global Server Effects
  • More commanders are available now.
  • Wheel of Fortune Rewards have been updated and hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to benefit from the new offerings.
  • New Nobility Contest Rewards 
  • War of the Realms/War of the Bloodcrows Dethrone Feature
  • Temporary increased food storage space (subscription)
  • Improvements for the autofill of attacks
  • Gem Removal (E4K)
  • Offer Pop-up Spam Filter
  • Attack Screen Filtering 
  • Decoration Forge improvements
  • More levels for the Barracks 
  • E4K Samurai Invasion
  • E4K War of the Bloodcrows
Don't forget to leave your comments, thoughts, suggestions and feedback on the relevant feedback thread! :)

That’s it for Q2 2019. Please do note however that what we mentioned above is what we want to do. It can happen that our estimation on the time that a feature might take to develop was overly optimistic and that more time was needed. This can cause delays and force things to be shuffled around from one development sprint to another. So if something doesn’t arrive as you might be expecting please don’t worry. Keep calm and carry on playing, we are doing our best for you.
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