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Gremlins in castle

A few of us have noticed some strange goings on since the HTML upgrade.

The most annoying one is the system's inability to recognise tools in your warehouse when you try to transfer to another castle. This seems to affect Green so far, either from OP to main or vice versa. In my case 30 k red flags in main cannot be shifted to an OP, as when I do a troop transfer, they aare not on the list. All the other flags are onlist of tool that can b shifted.


  • Problem solved (for now).
    It appears that the order of tools in the view menu, which used to be that in the stationing menu re no longer the same.

    So flags along with most, but not all boosters, were at the tail of the attack tools, followed by defense tools. It appears that now red flags and wood mants are right at the end.

    So definitely the work of a gremlin.
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