Relic Troops!

Hey guys,
I am here with a serious point to be noticed.Today,my topic of discussion is about Relic troops.
Relic troops have 2 main disadvantages:
1.They need hefty amount of coins to be recruited i.e. above 2ooo coins.
2.They consume comparatively more food than other troops i.e. demon horrors ,deathly horrors etc.

Due to this,they are of very less use as less active players can't afford them from the perspective of both cost and food consumption.

I would really like the viewers to present their views on this topic!


  • How can I get them?
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    On the positive side, 

    Relic Troops are fast and carry a lot of loot.

  • Yes but they have comparatively less combat strength than the best of GGE troops
  • i think either boost them more or lower the cost
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  • Matyi1232 you need a level 7 barracks for the first set
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  • I use Relic troops in first waves of attack in events as they can be healed quite cheaply and quickly.

    The Recruitment Cost build item blueprint can be placed in the Barracks and will reduce the cost to make these troops by up to 40%.

    The Treatment Speed build item blueprint can be placed in the Military Hospital and will speed up Relic troops being healed.  Relic troops in the Military Hospital are healed for a similar price to other troops and so become cost effective.
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