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Kingdoms League - Third Run | 16th of March - 25th of April |

BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
edited 15.03.2019 in Update Announcements

Brave Warriors,

Our next run of the Kingdom's League is coming up and this one is going to last longer than our previous ones! This means that the Kingdom's League will start tomorrow, on the 16th of March and end on the 25th of April!

We also iterated our price for the season's pass which will be 17,500 rubies. This price will decrease over the duration of the Kingdom’s League event (the longer the event runs, the cheaper the season pass will become)!

Please be aware that the season pass price will be depicted at 520,000 rubies at first, but there will be a specific Prime Sale active, which will give you a discount of 97% (in order to reach the 17,500 rubies price). 

After the upcoming update, which will probably take place within the next days, the season pass will be priced at 17,500 rubies automatically!

Best regards,
Your Empire Family Team

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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Posts: 570Community Manager
    Brave warriors,

    We just wanted to remind you that with today's update the price of our season pass will now reflect the intended price of 17.500 rubies. This will also be the starting price for the season pass for our upcoming Kingdom's League runs for the time being at least. 

    Please be aware that the rounding of the price by the 97% offer was indeed a bit cheaper than intended, but as mentioned earlier: the originally announced price of 17.500 rubies will be the official one from now on and the price will, of course, still decrease over the duration of the Kingdom's League. 

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family 
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