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HTML5 Switch - Known Issues

TempranceTemprance Posts: 858
Brave warriors, 

We gathered a lot of HTML5 Switch feedback and thus were able to create a list of known issues. We're already working on solutions for said issues and try to apply them as soon as possible, but we wanted to provide you with an overview of these known issues and also some already fixed issues as well: 

Known Issues 

  • Long Term Point Event - The "Dragon's foot"-artifact is missing in the current rewards 
  • Language - Arabic numbers are shown in Arabic eastern numerals 
  • Language - Text in traditional Chinese are not shown on the Taiwanese server 
  • Language - Numbers for troops are not written bold in Cyrillic
  • Language - Some Japanese characters are shown bold instead of the same font for all texts 
  • Language - When choosing Arabic a white box appears in the upper left corner of your login screen where you can write your name and password
  • Login Issues for Facebook-connected accounts 
  • Hall of legends skills active in a fight are not shown 
  • Outer Realms - Players with a name longer than 15 characters cannot be private messaged
  • Outer Realms - Event button for Outer Realms on PL1 is only shown in HTML5 version of the game, not in Flash version
  • Alliance chat - Scrolling jumps 10 messages upwards instead of 3
  • King's Market - Joining the Outer Realms and switching back to the main server shows the overseers as not active 
  • System - An error message occurs when opening the survey 
  • The game does not load on iOS devices 
  • Activity chest and registration gift is shown in the main account even though it shouldn't 
  • Collector event - Help button does not work once the event is over, but the shop is still running 
  • Prime Day offer - Icon not visible on HTML 
  • Tools are in wrong sort order 
  • Tooltips graphic isn't displayed properly 
  • Account information - placeholder is shown for server and email

Already fixed issues 

  • The PL1 server did not work correctly 
  • Outer Realms - Well timed attacks lead to no loss of heritage points 

As said, we're working on also fixing the topics stated under "known issues" as fast as we can. If you have further feedback for our HTML5 version, then please make sure to share it in the respective discussion threads on your language forum HERE! If you are experiencing blurry visuals, please continue to post them HERE!

Best regards,
Your Empire Family 

Temprance @ usa 1


  • Brave Warriors, 

    We have news about our HTML5 status quo for you! 

    We've been able to investigate on more issues and reports, thanks to your continuous feedback in our respective HTML5 feedback channels!  We'd like to present to you some of the new issues that are known to us, as well as some helpful resolutions that you can actually apply yourself (in order to improve the overall performance). 

     Additional known issues 
    • High resolution displays such as Retina displays adjust the view and scale, based on the respective pixel ratio. 

    • The cache might behave not as intended when using a system resolution that's different than the recommended one.

    • Most issues reported by our players are affecting either the Interface and/or the world map. 

    • Blurry graphics in various areas of the game. 

    Be aware that we are working on fixing these issues at this very moment. These fixes are expected to be deployed during the course of our future update releases. The blurry graphics, for example, are focused on quite intensively: 
    We've already seen that some fixes are working for the blurriness that occurs when hovering with your mouse over the buttons and icons in your user interface. 

    As mentioned before though: such fixes will be applied with the next upcoming updates (like the one we announced for March), thus continuously improving the overall performance of our HTML5 version of the game. 

    We also have additional solutions for you, which might be able to help you out with some issues that you reported us: 

    Browser Zoom 

    • Some browsers have a predefined setting for their browser zoom and sometimes players also do prefer to zoom in when playing the game, for sake of enlarging some of the assets for example. The more you zoom in though, the blurrier it will get and this doesn't only apply to our game itself, but also to any kind of website. That's why our recommendation is, to always set your browser zoom to 100% when playing Empire. This might be the first step to minimize some of the game's blurriness on your own.

    Screen Resolution

    • Screen resolution can vary both from display type to display type but also from player to player. It all boils down to your own preferences and what screen resolution you choose. But this might start to create some issues, when your screen resolution is below what your screen can actually do, because then the graphics will get blurry. Our recommendation is to always use the screen resolution that is recommended by your system (as you can see in the following screenshot in our spoiler): 

    • This should always allow you to play as intended in your most optimal screen resolution, thus improving your performance. 

    Chrome Browser Version

    • Similar to screen resolution, browsers and their version might also be varying from player to player. For players who prefer Chrome, there is a way to check whether or not the browser version that you're currently using is working in the best condition: By typing in "chrome://gpu/" into your browser, you'd be forwarded to a page, which will list how your browser is currently operating. The most important part which you want to look out for is "Canvas" under "Graphics Feature Status". If your Canvas is Hardware accelerated, then you're already using the best browser version possible. But if it's not "Hardware accelerated" then you'd have to update your browser to the most up-to-date version. 

    We will continue with updates about our HTML5 status quo for you in the future. We'll make sure to keep you updated on your respective language forum as soon as we got new information. 

    Best Regards,
    Your Empire Family
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