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No brains, no skill, I’ll have a lobotomy please

Cast your minds back to one of the GGE polls on what players think of the game. Questions relating to game mechanics, level of interest, fairness, etc.

The game now has a combination of complexity, in terms of different competitions, and stupidity, in terms of strategy.

Complexity because we have more and more add ons, which I guess keep people occupied. If we were all on day release from the serial killer penitentiary, that would make sense, otherwise not.

Simplicity, because the skill level is continually reduced.

1. Equipment. This has been discussed at length. Bottom line, with a set or three for every event, it is now very simple. Get the latest version and your losses are down and gains up. The need to think about combinatorial possibilities has gone.

2. Events. Hand over enough cash to GGE and you come out on top. No need for skill. I have no gripe here, my pocket is very deep, but this is a game and I would never pay more than a standard amount/sub to play a game. This does raise awkward questions about the ethics of exploiting addiction for GGE, which will doubtless one day come before our legislators, when one or more people go well over the top.

3. The plethora of events and rewards, the latter being subject to incredibly high rates of inflation, which means that it doesn’t matter if you miss something. Next time, the analogous reward will be way higher. For those who persisted, they will simply trash/sell off the earlier reward as it is now superseded.

The GB1 server is dying, that is obvious if you bother to look at the number of active accounts (loot stats on Sunday). Whether other servers are too I don’t know, but I suspect GB1 cannot be unique in this respect, particularly when I read comments from players from other servers.

GGE’s response is to keep adding gimmicks and inflating rewards. Take one example, the invader kit with high level gems, which was for a long time the business. Now they are consigned to the recycling bin.

Personally I couldn’t care less, it is a game and I find its death quite interesting from the perspective of managing a business (GGE has of course move into other pastures). I do wonder what I will do for entertainment in the future, as it will soon be time to move on to game X, whatever that may be.


  • gb1 server dying cuz gge want it to by auto setting int3 for everyone.

    game is over complicated and boring i cant wait till i'm leg 800 so i can quit.
    King The Torrent The Furious, 348k Might, level Legendary 49 (as of 10.4.18) 
    Like 600k might when fully active fearless and all the cherries now (4 November) but tbh not too active nowadays.
    GB1 Private Detective ;) - message me in game for your information needs.
    Discord - The Torrent#5588
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  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) Posts: 524GB1
    Game died ages ago.
    Same persons or person wins all events on uk server and we know who they are or who he is.
    multi accounts all over server and people cheating with bots vpn and nothing done straight away.
    they are giving a warning and slap on the bum don't do it again so they do it again and another slap.
    instant bans for bots and vpn would clear lot of this up.

    events same old ones over and over and we don't even get a break from them. one finished another one
    arrives few days later. why not miss a month of events and let players get back to pvp.

    and yes i have said this 2 many people I am staying to see how this all ends.  gge is dead no new idea's 

    sams nomads fc beri over and over .
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) Posts: 1,614GB1
    yep cant agree more game gets worse with every new advance, fake PVP events being the norm!!  I mean come on, really?  
    shapeshifters where everyone sends 32 troops.   

    Its like watching a car crash in slow motion, with GGE doing everythign except adressing the real issues with the game.   ooh we have a load of cheats in the game, lets make another fake PVP game and maybe no one will notice!!!

    Philt123 @ en 1
  • GB server aint alone. US1 is dying too thankfully. This game takes only a small drop of skill compared to what it used to.
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) Posts: 1,684INT3
    GB server aint alone. US1 is dying too thankfully. This game takes only a small drop of skill compared to what it used to.
    I only had a small drop of skill when I played on US1 a couple years ago, and now it doesn't even take that...…...
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

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