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Server maintenance | 11.02.2019 | ⌚ Between 8:00 and 10:00 CET | ⌛ ~30 minutes downtime

Brave Warriors,

The first Kingdom's League has successfully ended this week and we are eager to review your feedback on it, to improve this event with every run based on what we have received from our communities. The second Kingdom's League already casts its shadow before and we plan to tackle one of your major pain points quite soon. The Matchmaking, we would like to have it fairly balanced and therefore we will have a small server update coming up this Monday, 11.02.2019 to optimize the Kingdom's League matchmaking. The reason we want to do it as early as possible is simple. The system needs a few runs of the known invasion events to work properly. So the next events will bring it into line.

The downtime is expected to be around 15-30 minutes long. Of course, food consumption and booster times will be frozen during the longer downtime. But as always, do not take these times as guaranteed, as delays due to unforeseen circumstances can occur.

Last but not least a small heads-up, the next Kingdom's League will start on February 21st!

Your Empire Family
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